Manchester Hypnosis for Relaxation

Manchester Hypnosis for Relaxation

I’m often surprised by the large amount of hypnotherapy and life coaching clients who don’t spend time each week to relax. They go about their busy lives, running errands, completing projects at work, bringing work task home with them, making tea for their children, worrying about tomorrows work meeting, planning the children’s weekend party, shopping for food and all the other hundred and one task that need completing each week.

I have found that most hypnotherapy clients with bad habits such as nail biting, unconscious itching and smoking follow this pattern of over working and over worrying. When we discuss their week it often becomes clear that they rarely relax.

I understand how everyone has a busy schedule but I also understand the importance of having time at least once a week to fully relax. Being able to relax allows you to change state, allows different chemicals to be released in your body by your mind. Relaxing allows your brain to re-charge so future task become easier rather then another hassle. Being able to relax can help your unconscious to sort out all the sensorial information it has took in throughout the day.

There are several techniques that will help you to relax including a powerful NLP visualisation technique that I use in hypnotherapy sessions. It is good to read through this exercise before using it on yourself.



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Give 5 Minutes

If you have kids, a wife/husband or even a dog, you know that when you arrive home they want to talk about their day, play and hug you or lick your face depending on who it is who greats you.

Your family and pets do this because they love you and want to share things with you, they don’t know if you have had a good or bad day or how stressed or relaxed you are feeling. In most cases this initial welcome will only last around 5 minutes, so prepare yourself – when you arrive home the first 5 minutes is all about your loved ones, put everything else aside and spend the whole 5 minutes focused on your family and pets.

After this initial 5 minutes of love and affection, your family will get on with their own task, the kids will play with their toys, the partner may read a book or watch TV and the dog will curl up in its basket. Now you have your time to relax or time to complete your task.

Others fall into the trap of arriving home angry knowing that they will be bothered when they have to much to do and not enough time. This bad attitude can cause arguments with loved ones or a concerned partner constantly asking if you are all right? Both of these examples waste time, putting more pressure on you increasing your anxiety. By just giving 5 minutes can be enough to show your love, allowing you to get on with your task.


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Hypnotic Breathing and Relaxing

Purchase some relaxation music – ocean waves, the sounds of the forest, etc (or search for free relaxation music on YouTube there is plenty available)

Second tell your loved ones that you will be down in 5 minutes and that you don’t want to be disturbed – this will soon become a daily routine that won’t be questioned by loved ones.

Find a quite room and turn off your phone, as you don’t want to be interrupted. Ideally sit in a reclining chair and take of your shoes. When ready, turn on your relaxing music.

Take several deep breaths (breath in through your nose and out through your mouth) and imagine all the muscles in your body relaxing; imagine the mussels in your forehead relaxing, the mussels in your cheeks and jaw, relaxing. Imagine all the mussels in your back and shoulders relaxing. All the mussels in your arms and legs relaxing. Relax all your mussels.

Imagine a soft gentle wave of relaxation washing over your body, notice the colour of this wave as it washes away the stress and helps you to relax a little more. Allow the relaxation wave to relax you inside and out from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, relaxing you more and more, deeper and deeper. The more you allow the wave to move around your body, the more you will relax until just the thought of the relaxation wave helps you relax more. Spend at least 5 minutes enjoying this feeling of relaxation.

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Beach Visualisation for Relaxation


Take several deep breaths to help you relax. As you relax, imagine you are on a beautiful and peaceful beach, notice the warm sand between your toes, the smell of the salty sea, the sound of the gentle surf drifting slowing in and out, in and out.

Rather then watch yourself on the beach, step into your body and see the beach from the eyes of the you on the beach. See what you can see, hear what you can hear. Smell the smells, taste the taste and notice the feelings of relaxation that all these senses create inside of you now.

Spend 5 minutes walking along the beech, feel the warm grains of sand between your toes, notice as they genteelly part to take the weight of your feet. Hear the crunch of the sand with each step you take and notice how the warmth of the sun helps you to feel more relaxed.

Find somewhere on the beach that looks like a nice place to rest and relax. Sit down and take the weight of your feet and notice the difference that feels from standing to sitting. As you sit there relaxing, notice how the waves genteelly move up and down the beach, wave after wave, in and out, in and out, imagine that with each wave it comes in and takes one of your worries away, in and out each wave, each time taking another worry away with it. Wave after wave, worry after worry.

The sound of these gentle waves helps you to relax more and more, so take a deep breath and breath in that sea air and notice how with each breath you feel much more calmer, much more relaxed. Feel the sea spray on your face, taste the sea air with every breath you take which makes you feel more relaxed.

This simple exercise when completed every night will help you feel more relaxed each time you use it, as you associate your beach to the feeling of relaxation. You will be amazed how completing a small relaxation visualisation exercise for 5 minutes can help you feel more calm and relaxed.

How Do You Relax?

If doesn’t matter how you relax as long as you make time to relax, relaxation, meditation and a light hypnotic trance as many benefits; more energy, better sleep, enhanced immunity, increased concentration, better problem-solving skills, less anger, crying, anxiety, frustration less headaches and pain.

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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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