Can You Read Deceit In Others?

Can You Read Deceit in Others?


This month on they discuss the world of body language, eye accessing cues and signs of deceit



We all have an interest, at some level in human psychology and many of us, if we could would choose mind reading as our superpower. Being able to read a persons body language, tonality and eye accessing cues can be enough to mind read the individual, well at least know if they are lying to you.


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The What does your body language reveal about you article on explains how communication is not all verbal, with over 60-70% of communication being non verbal. The limbic brain is responsible for producing body language communication, as this is an automatic unconscious reaction we all use each and every day. When we are emotional, our body will leak emotional evidence that is picked up, often unconsciously by others. Emotional leakage can be positive as an example flirting or negative, as an example being deceitful.


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The article gives example of leakage “Touching your face while speaking – rubbing your nose, eyes, ears, head or neck – shows doubt in what you’re saying or hearing” The key to detecting deceit is not by “knowing” what a certain posture means, as they all have several meanings. A man with folded hands could be “guarded” or simply just cold. You need to know the persons baseline, how they act in everyday situations and watch for changes in their baseline with tone, body language, gestures and words. One change alone isn’t enough to know that someone is being deceitful, you need to find clusters and be able to notice changes in their baseline.


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The article goes on to discuss The NLP eye accessing cues from Richard Bandler and John Grinder the co-founders of NLP. They found that people look in different directions when recalling or creating information. The author makes the mistake of saying “Generally speaking, you could say “right is recalled” and “left is lying.” Looking to your left is not a sign of lying, it is a sign that the person is constructing something, this isn’t necessary a lie.

To learn more about reading body language read the full article here: What does your body language reveal about you?

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