Hypnosis Weight Loss Manchester

Hypnosis Weight Loss Manchester

We make the choice to eat the food we eat with our mind not our stomach. A lot of what we eat and crave for is due to the automatic processes we have installed in our own brain.

For some this can include “eating everything on your plate” because as a child you were always told never to leave any food. Others have bad eating habits, and constantly snack on biscuits, crisp and sugary drinks. These habits can be hard to consciously break.

Others will diet and once a pound or two has dropped off, they celebrate with a big fatty chocolate cake and wonder why after 8 months of dieting they have put weight on.



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Weight Loss Tips


To lose weight you have to be committed, as you wont lose a large amount of weight in a few days. Rather as you change your life style and eating habits the weight will naturally fall off , until you drop a dress size without realising it.

Part of the hypnotic weight loss process which can include a hypnotic gastric band includes making conscious choices. These tips, ideas and suggestions will help you get into the healthy state of mind.


  • Use smaller pans when cooking meals as this will allow you to make smaller portions. Portion size can be a real issue for many wanting to lose weight
  • Eat of smaller plates. You may need to buy smaller plates, but for those who like to eat everything on their plate a smaller plate holds a smaller amount of food and calories
  • Through away all of your chocolate, crisp and unhealthy snacks. This shows real commitment and people wont snack unhealthy if there is no unhealthy food to snack on. Some people will make the excuse that the food is for their grandkids, but this is often a simple excuse – get committed a throw away anything that is unhealthy
  • Buy and have easily at hand healthy snacks; fruit, nuts, seeds. People can even have bowls of these delicious healthy snack on your desk at work as they give you energy and fill you up
  • Exercise more. This can include regular exercise; swimming, running, gym or this can be a choice instead of driving to the shop I will walk



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This is an exercise I do in hypnosis, but what I love about this technique is that you can consciously do it on a daily basis allowing you to retrain your brain to eat more healthier

Simply follow these 6 steps each day for at least 5 days. Ideally do this when you wont be disturbed.

Step one

Write down the benefits of eating the food you want to give up – there has to be some or you wouldn’t be eating it (i.e. what you enjoy about eating the food you eat).

Step two

Write down the loss of giving up said food – what would you miss about giving up this food?

Step three

Write a third list of everything that you would love about being healthier/thinner/living longer (whatever your goal is). Don’t be shy here; write down everything, even think about the outcomes to your goals. If you lose weight what would be different? How would you feel? How would others respond to you what else would change for the best? The more benefits you record the better.



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Step four

Write a final list of all the pain you would feel if you carried on with your life as it is now. What would happen? If you got bigger and unhealthier what would happen? How would you feel going up a dress size when you want to go down a dress size? What do you think would happen to your arteries if you ate more fatty foods? If you ate fatty foods and put more weight on, would your children do the same? What do you think others would say if you ate more; record anything that makes eating said food painful.

Step five

Take one benefit from step one and turn it into an image (i.e. enjoying the taste of a greasy burger). In the corner of this image – shrunk to the size of a stamp – put an image of a benefit from step three and on the count of three push the step one image far away. At the same time bring the image from step three forward, making it bigger and brighter. In effect you are removing step one image and replacing it with step three image. Do this 10 times or until you can no longer recall step one image without automatically replacing it with step three image. Do this for all step one images.

Step six

Complete the same exercise as in step five but this time replace step two images with step four images. Next time you come across unhealthy food your mind will find the reset frames of reference to the positives of being healthy – the enjoyment of saying no thank you to fatty foods and the thoughts of you enjoying healthy food while at the same time remembering the feeling of disgust when you think about fatty, salty, greasy foods. These frames of reference will motivate you to eat a juicy peach, mouth watering fish or whatever you decide to choose to eat. This technique works well in hypnosis as you mind makes lasting changes and new frames of reference easily, when in a trance state.

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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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