Personal Development: A Comprehensive Overview

Personal Development: A Comprehensive Overview

Do know what the phrase ‘Personal Development’ really means? Personal development can be defined as the practice and study of improving one’s life; this can especially be true in terms of health, education, happiness, career, productivity, relationships and other personal challenges. Some common aspects of personal development usually include changing habits, goal setting, improving awareness, motivation, self-actualization and realizing one’s beliefs and values.


Personal development has played an extensive role in history, as it has influenced many cultures through the course of history. Such cultures are that have been affected are: Western and Eastern religions, Ancient Greek philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy, Humanistic Psychology, Existentialism and Hypnotherapy.


Currently, there are many theories and concepts in personal development that have started to undergo scientific testing in the realms of Clinical psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience and Positive Psychology. Yet, before you get started, understand that there are many assumptions associated with this topic. The following information will give you a good oversight at some of the most important assumptions that you need to know if you are seeking to personally develop yourself.



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Personal Development’s Common Assumptions


Before we get started describing the assumptions, it’s important that you keep in mind the fact that you are responsible for the way in which you live your life. Those traveling down the personal development road understand that their actions and thoughts play an enormous role in how life turns out.


-Define exactly what it is that you want, before you begin trying to achieve it. There are a lot of people who go aimlessly through life, never having a clear path mapped out. However, ultimately, before you are able to achieve life’s values, you must realize them.


-Long-term benefits can be achieved through short-term costs. Trying to change one’s life is not a cake walk. On the other hand, real change takes effort and failure. No one will present you with a blueprint or magic pills to follow. You must be willing to invest and believe in yourself; this alone will require short-term costs, but will lead to long-term benefits.


-People constantly go through changes. The fact of the matter is that regardless if you plan an active role in your own personal development, you are constantly developing and changing as an individual. Everyone is on their own type of personal development path, but the difference is that some people take more control over their own destiny than other people do.


-Your own thoughts are important. At times we consider our own thoughts to be inconsequential and immaterial; however, that couldn’t more untrue. The way in which you think will strongly influence your actions, and this can ultimately determine what you get from life.


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Habits are very important to personal development. Much like the way you work to change your thoughts, you should also constantly work toward exploring new habits. Think of it like this – if you always do the same things day in and day out, things will never change. At times, you won’t know the best course of action until you have tried other things. So, if you allow it, personal development can be used to create habits that lead to success.


-Your place of power is the present moment. Each conscious decision that you make or action you take happens in the present moment. The truth is that the more aware you are of the present, the more control you will have over your daily actions.


-Learn from past experiences. Even though you cannot change the past, what you can do is look back at it and learn from the successes and mistakes contained therein.

-Constantly remain optimistic about your future. Although you will never be certain about where your future will take you, if you remain hopeful and optimistic, then you will allow yourself to act in ways to make this reality. Most times optimism is a self-fulfilling prophecy.


It is difficult to sum the entire personal development movement into one article, but the key concepts discussed above can help you through your own development process. The one thing you must remember is that personal development isn’t an idea that can be absorbed or learned in just one day. In reality, this is a process that never ends, as your life is constantly changing, which leaves you with new and improved ways to act and think.

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Personal Development’s Importance in Life


As you can see, if you are a person who wants to grow and change for the better during your life, then you should be on a path of personal development and you will most likely achieve it. However, on the other hand, there are many people out there who still do not understand the importance of striving for personal development, and they tend to live unfulfilled lives. The truth is that those who seek to make themselves better, generally keep a more positive outlook and attitude towards life. This friendly attitude can be a welcome for others, which leaves you open to a life full of opportunities. On the other hand, someone who is not concerned with personal development can carry around a negative attitude and outlook on life that can begin to pour over into other areas.


In the end, personal development is essentially about making positive changes. To accomplish this you will need to find the resources necessary for change to help you set goals, move past obstacles and eventually find happiness. However, just bear in mind that it does not matter what part of yourself that you are trying to change, this change will not happen overnight. Instead, you will need to remain persistent and use all of your willpower to help yourself improve. Although this will be a difficult period at the beginning, you will be developing yourself for a lifetime. In other words, you will obtain forever change that is well worth the effort!


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