Adwords The Life Coaches Money Maker

 Adwords – The Life Coaches Money Maker




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As a life coach you need to build up a profit making business and coaching along rarely does this. Google adwords and affiliate marketing is key to creating, on average 50% of your profits.

Most coaches get into this sector to help others, later to find that they spend all their time chasing clients, internet marketing and networking. What if I could teach you a way to make thousands of pounds per week for doing nothing?

As a coaching affiliate you can promote other coaches products; coaching business in a box, Richard Bandlers NLP course and coaching e-books. These merchants will offer you a high percentage of their products sale price every time you make a sale.

*** I will link you to an affiliate product page at the end of this article. Click the link, read the sales page and at the post end click “affiliate”****

This means you don’t need to create your own product, you don’t even need to write your own sales letters and landing pages, as this is all done for you. All you need to do is simply join an affiliate programme, advertise the merchants product and let your customers, clients and your list buy their well designed product.

Not all Products Are Equal

You need to ensure the product you choose will make you big profits for doing nothing. What product to advertise is the key question you should be asking yourself right now?

As a coach you need to be an affiliate to a coaching related product, because this way your website viewers will be more likely to buy your affiliate product. If you advertise, lets say an e-book on “a guide to do-it yourself MOTs” you will rarely get any sales.

But which coaching product will work for you? Remember you are still a self employed coach and this is a key money making stream. So stay away from videos and e-books that will help clients cure themselves, as they my buy this product rather then booking a session with yourself.

So you need a coaching product that will make you big bucks without stopping customers purchasing your coaching service. Good products include “setting up a life coaching business” and “NLP/Coaching training programmes” as many coaching clients want to become life coaches themselves.





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Dangerous Pitfalls

Look out for products that offer a low profit margins – anything under 25% is a waste of time. Ideally you want a coaching product that gives you around a 50% commission mark up. This way each individual sales will make you a tidy sum.

Becoming a Coaching Affiliate

Do you want to start making money? The best place to start is with click bank – clickbank is the middle man. Merchants advertise their e-products on click bank and you can register as an affiliate. Once registered you can search the “market place” for “life coaching” and find relevant products to sell on your website.

ClickBank handle everything – conversations, payouts, customer service queries. Once registered you will be given an ID which you add to the product you want to sell.

Once you pick a product you can write your own or use the merchants sales letters and e-mail templates to market the product. Your customer can click the link (which has your personal ID embedded into it) which will take them to the merchants sales page. Once the customer buys the product you will receive your percentage of the sale.

Easy, easy, easy money. I have sold many products as an affiliate and made a massive additional profit to that from my coaching clients.

Does it sound to easy?

It does sound easy doesn’t it? So why isn’t everyone doing it? First not all coaches are aware of this money making profit machine, and some that do know don’t do things the right way. Often they carry on doing the same old thing that doesn’t work – if something doesn’t work do it differently.

The more work you put in the bigger the profit. As an example you can create a link on your webpage and then hope that your web viewers will click it, once they click the conversions tend to do well.

Or you can make a real effort and see the profitable results. You add the link to each web page and blog post. You can send out sales letters by e-mail to your list. You can create blog post and product reviews to boost sales. The basic rule is the more effort you put in the more money you will make.

Once the work is done and your affiliate link is embedded all over your website you will start to make money as you sleep.




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What to look out for

Once in click banks marketplace, like I said before search for “life coaching” or “life coaching business” You will then see a list of suitable products. Under each product you will see

Earn X% this is the percentage you will earn per sale (look for a 50% commission)

Earned/Sale this represents the money per pound/dollar per sale

% Referred how many sales come from affiliates

Gravity the popularity of the product – this can be fairly complex and a number of things affect this. Remember new products will have a low gravity. For coaching products the gravity will be around ½

How to Convert Sales

The vendors sales page should make the product sound excited or needed. For a coaching business as an example, the sales page should explain how easy it is to make money as a coach, as this is the key selling point.

At the bottom of the sales page should be the affiliate link the affiliate page will explain everything you need to know about being an affiliate for this product.

If you haven’t done already you need to jump over to click bank and register. Once registered you will be given a clickbank ID (name) you then add this to the affiliate hoplink

Your hoplink is for the product above is where xxxx add your ClickBank account name. Finally add the sales letter or write your own and add the hoplink with your account name added (replace XXXX) to the sale letter.

Customers will click the link, clickbank recognise your hoplink/ID and once they purchase the product you receive your commission. Easy.




coaching business in a box


What To Check For

On the product sales page check the coaching product states lots of benefits for example does it offer 3 or 4 e-books rather then 1? Is there a discount as discount increase sales? Is the product relevant to your business?

Have they used bold headings, bullet points, images of the e-book and a large eye catching purchase button?

And do they offer a 60 day return offer, as this shows commitment to the product and again will increase sales.

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