The Coaches Marketing Problem

The Coaches Marketing Problem.


As all coaches are well aware the key to a successful life coaching business is having a successful online marketing campaign that produces referrals and client bookings.


This is where new life coaches can suffer. Often a successful marketing campaign comes with a cost and often the newly set up part time coach doesn’t always have the financial resources to invest in their new coaching business.


There are two ways to getting referrals from the internet; The Tortoise or the Hare



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The Hare


Most coaches sensibly start their coaching business part time until they have built up a big enough reputation and client base to give up the day job and to become a full time coach.


The hare will often run ahead of the tortoise using their personal financial investment to help market their services. Research has shown that the percentage of coaching clients use Google to search for life coaching services. And around 80% of clients will click the first website result on the Google search page.


What you might have noticed is that Google also offer a pay per click service. PPC is a great way for the coach with financial backing to invest into their marketing campaign.


If you have a well set up niche coaching website that converts well, then pay per click will pay off for you. Every time a potential client clicks your PPC ad you are charged by Google, often this charge per coaching keyword is around £2-£3. This may sound a lot of money to spend per person visiting your website, but if you follow to process from the “coaching business in a box” this money will be well invested.


A good conversion rate is 1/10. This means that for every £30 spent you will get a conversion, or even if you only convert 1/20 you spend around £60 for every paying client.


Rates for coaches vary with £80 being a common cost per hourly service and most clients book 5 sessions. 5 x £80 = £400. – £60 marketing cost = £340 profit, not a bad return on your investment.


You may ask why all coaches don’t follow this process? Or why some try but give up just as quick? There is a way to entice the converting client to your website through Google PPC which we explained about in the coaching business in a box. But for those coaches who haven’t followed this method they have to go through the process of learning by their mistakes which can be costly.



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The Tortoise


With a lack of financial investment you may be scared to use the last of your savings on a PPC campaign. The tortoise can take a slower but cost free process to rank high on Google. The organic websites that appear on Google (the ad’s that are not PPC) only appear there because Google have a formula that tells them that these websites are the most relevant to the searchers criteria (search query)


Several key elements will help Google decide if your coaching website will rank high on the keyword “life coach in Manchester” as an example. These elements include the age of the website (which is why the coaching hare will often purchase a more expensive but aged website), the number of relevant backlinks attached to the website, the brand/niche of the website, attachment to Google maps and relevant and regular niche blog post (as these are monitored on duration reader spends on site, length, uniqueness, reshares, comments and links)


As a new tortoise coach you can play the long game by gaining natural SEO rankings by regular writing unique post that go viral. Over a period of time, often years your website will rank higher and higher until at some point you will rank Google page one on your required search term.


The tortoise, if needed, can also become a hare by getting an online business loan from companies like Kabbage to use to invest in PPC campaigns. They also offer online business loans​ in the US for our American readers.



coaching business in a box


10 Coaching SEO Tricks and Tips


  1. Write a blog once a day
  2. Guest post once a month
  3. Create you tube videos once a week/month depending on your time
  4. Add comments on social media forums at least once a day, post links to yours and other peoples blog post all relevant to your expertise and like other peoples comments and post
  5. Only used well known online directories
  6. Encourage customers to leave positive reviews
  7. Choose one social media platform to promote your expertise on
  8. Give quotes to reporters to use in their articles
  9. Write post on new discoveries, advancements in practices and out the box ideas related to your niche
  10. Embed videos and/or images into your blog post

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101 coaching techniques

Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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