Life Coach Boost Website Rating

Life Coach Boost Website Rating


As a coach who supports other coaches to be successful I fully understand the importance of boosting your website ratings. What many new coaches get wrong is the belief that an increase in website hits means and increase in client bookings and sales. This belief is wrong and in actual fact some coaches who have low number of websites hits have the most client bookings.


In previous post I discussed the importance of a life coach having a “coaching niche.” This is the first step to a successful coaching business. The second step is to increase links to your website from other high profile websites, these backlinks cant be from any old website, (and whatever you do NEVER purchase backlinks as Google will penalise you) rather you need backlinks from coaching/your niche website.



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3 Steps to Website Success


In a second I will explain how to get quality backlinks from websites such as Yahoo and other leading websites, but first you need to understand the importance of the 3 step process, which is simple to implement.

Step 1 – Niche – you need to target a particular client group in a particular location. Google now helps users find local services , which means you need a Niche x Location target group. When a Google user, your potential clients, searches for support in a particular niche, Google will push your website up the Google rankings for the clients in your location. This way each Google user sees a different set of Google results.

Step 2 – Increase Quality Backlinks. To boost your Google rankings for your niche x location, you need other coaching professionals to link to your website and/or high profile websites such as Yahoo to link to your website when they are blogging about your niche. Sounds hard? Below I will explain how this can be easily accomplished.

Step 3 – Create the Sale. Once the first two stages have been successfully implemented you will start to see an increase in referrals. In the coaching sector, clients generally only contact you if they are serious about booking a session. The only hard part here is ensuring the client books a session with you rather then another coach, as most clients will ring 2 or 3 coaches for more details about their session.

By specialising, having a niche and being seen as an expert in your clients barrier you are more likely to be booked over a generic coach. Think about it, if you needed support who would you pay an expert in your issue or a generic practitioner?



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Increasing Your Backlinks

The hard part of this process is increasing your backlinks. First you need to target other coaches, this is relatively simple. Coaches understand the importance of having regular articles posted on their website, as this is something Google take into consideration when ranking your website. As posting content takes time, coaches are always more then happy to accept guest blogs (unique articles relating to coaching)


Write several articles and contact other coaches online to ask if they’d be happy to publish your post or ask the coach what topic they want you to discuss/write about. As you write more guest blogs Google will start to notice your authority in this niche and through their algorithms, Google know the location of your practice. To help Google rank you hire change your bio by embedding your URL into different keywords on particular blogs and on others add the URL with no embedded keywords – you can even add the URL from your various pages.


Now the hard part – getting popular websites to link to you. As you can see from my “in the news” tab I have had major companies link to my website, quote my name and reference my book. To achieve this I will write articles, provided paragraphs and give quotes that the blog authors can use – mix it up a little.


Many high profile websites pay full time blog writers for their content. You can contact these authors, give them a paragraph explaining your expertise in your niche and  explain how you are happy to provide quotes on your niche. Authors love to use quotes from experts as this increase the authority of the article. As they write articles relating to your niche they will contact you for your advice and expertise, rather then pay you the author will link back to your website.


The more of these links you receive the higher you will rank on a Google search, and as we all know the higher you rank to more client bookings you will receive. Click my “in the news” page for examples of this process.





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101 coaching techniques

Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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