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Fact 1: 50,000 people a day want to become self employed life, business or career coaches, with 90% of people wanting their business to be handed to them on a plate

Fact 2: The number of self employed life coaches has increased by over 500% in the last 5 years but only 5% of them know how to make money online – THEY NEED HELP!

Fact 3: There Are Millions Of Coaches Waiting To Buy This Product

Welcome Affiliates!

My name is Chris, and I’ve been helping coaches set up their coaching practice, as well as coaching clients myself for over 10 years.


What I have discovered is that people are lazy. They don’t want to waste time on training courses, they don’t want to research new coaching techniques and they don’t want to have a failed coaching business – they want a successful business given to them on a plate, they WANT a “Coaching Business in a Box”


I have made a successful coaching business, and taught others my inside secrets, now I have shared this success formula with you. The coaching sector is massive, undiscovered in terms of making money from coaches, and ripe for picking!!!


There are 3 million reasons we think you’ll love promoting this offer…


Affiliates Can Easily Earn $5000 a Week – No Effort Required!

I know how a coach’s mind works.

I will give you e-mail sale letters that convert.

I have revamped the offer, with improved pitch and product.

Promote today and earn a MASSIVE 50% Commission

You need to remember that people are lazy, they want everything in one go. This product gives new coaches everything they need to become a successful life coach from 101 coaching techniques to Google marketing strategies.

This is the product I WOULD HAVE BROUGHT when I started out as a coach

The truth is life coaches want to help people, but at the end of the day they WANT TO MAKE MONEY – this product will help them make money, and this affiliate programme will make you money (probably more money than the life coach)


50% Commission!

There are hundreds of subniches in the coaching niche; Career Coaches, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Health and Wellbeing Coach, Sport Coach, Weight Loss Coach, Money Coach…..and many more


Coaching is a global business and you can target more than one country


The product targets practiced coaches, new coaches and people wanting to be self employed, in this way your money making streams are endless


Your Target Audience


The Coaching Business In a Box, is broken down into 2 main sections Making Money Online and Coaching Techniques. The product is broken down into 5 e-books


  • Business start Up e-book
  • Google Destroyer e-book
  • The Expert Coach e-book
  • 101 Coaching Techniques e-book
  • And a Bonus 101 Coaching Questions e-book


Coaches have 3 big problems.


  • One they can’t make money online; they have the skills and techniques to be a great coach but their understanding of setting up a profitable business is zero! They understand the importance of ranking high on Google but they have no idea how to do it. Target This Audience with “Make Money as a Coach” or “Use Google to Boost Your Coaching Business”



  • Two they require personal development; a key part of any coach’s strategy is personal development; this is a must in the coaching sector. An unprofitable coach doesn’t want spend hundreds of pounds on a training course, rather they will buy a 101 coaching techniques and a 101 coaching questions to increase their coaching tool box. Target This Audience with “101 Coaching Techniques”


  • Three they want to become self employed; people are sick of working for others, they believe becoming self employed is the key to financial success. Many love the idea of getting paid for helping others. Target This Audience with “Become a Self Employed Coach”




Great for Google Ads


I tested this product on Google Ads and made a killing! This product sells way because people are greedy – they want to buy the product and become rich!!!! Google se’se this product as a business support model not a “get rich quick scheme” which means your Google Ad Campaign will be Hastel Free


100% Of Your List Wants This!

Remember as well – everyone wants a second income! And people have an inbuilt need to want to help people – that’s we have coaches, mentors and consultants. Your list will see this as an opportunity to get paid for helping people in their sector, creating more conversions.


It’s simple. We’re selling the best and easiest way to set up a full time or part coaching business. This unique niche appeals to everyone in every sector. Basically you keep reinventing the wheel with this product by selling the same Coaching Business in a Box to new sub niches.


Even More Target Niches

Remember you receive 50% commission. We’ve already talked about making money in the coaching sector and you have probably already thought about the hundreds of different ways you can target this product to make more money


But, I haven’t got the time to talk about the other niches you can target with this easy to sell product; NLP is one of the fasting growing self development areas in the world and NLPers have the same problems coaches do – They don’t know how to make money from their expertise.


The self development sector is bigger than ever before and you can target Solution Focus Therapist, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, NLP, CBT, Careers Advisors, Online Coaches, Confidence Coaches, Clean Language Practitioners, Myers Briggs Workers, Interview Coaches…..the list is growing everyday



Here’s How To Promote &
Make $$$$$$$$$$ Affiliate Commissions

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E-mail Swipes

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First e-mail Template


NAME, Do You want To make Money Helping Others?

NAME, Did you know that you can make $200 per hour as a coach?

NAME, Everything you need to set up a life coaching business in a box





This guy made $25,000 last month as a coach


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So what’s he doing differently?


He’s promoting a very SPECIAL coaching niche…


He’s using the secrets to rank page 1 on Google….


And now, he has over 101 coaching techniques and tools at his disposal…


You too can make this sort of cash with your coaching business


Get your very own Coaching Business in a Box


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Everything you need to know to set up an online coaching business in 24hrs


No experience needed


You too can being making money by helping


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Second E-mail Template




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This guy Chris created an online coaching business that has made him rich


You can make over $200 per session and most clients book between 6-10 sessions


Buy today and start coaching tomorrow


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It’s real simple…


You will learn how to create a coaching niche, market yourself online (rank first page of goggle in 15 minutes) and you will learn over 101 proven coaching techniques


He’s profiting with his own coaching business and now he has shared his secrets for the first time ever


And now he’s giving you a full online coaching business in a box


So you can get paid to be a life coach


And learn how to make money even when you’re sleeping


Along with his incredible new “secret” of becoming known as a authority in your niche by getting quoted in leading blogs, websites and publications


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Third E-mail Template


NAME, Did You See This?

NAME, Get Your Coaching Business in a Box in 3 Steps

NAME, Set Your Own Hourly Rate

NAME, Make Money While You Sleep

NAME, 3 Steps To Launch Your Coaching Business





Did you see this?


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This guy Chris created an online coaching business that has made him rich


How? With his own Coaching Business in a Box


You can start to make money as a life coach within as little as 24hrs


But you must act now…


Get your instant coaching business here:


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It’s real simple to get started.


Then follow this easy 3 step process:


Step 1: Choose Your Niche

Step 2: Choose Your Website Name

Step 3: And Set Up Your Google Campaign


You can be receiving calls by this time tomorrow


Also you will receive over 101 Proven Coaching Techniques and a 101 Coaching Questions allowing you to coach any client from any background


Everything you need in one box, including how to get quoted in leading publications, websites and blogs to create an authority in the coaching sector increasing referrals and profit


Which is why its so powerful!


But you must act now to get your coaching business in a box:


==> http://xxxx.emking01.hop.clickbank.net


Do it now, you won’t regret it.




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Pay Per Click Campaigns


The Pay Per Click campaign we’re about to give you will help you convert creating big profits – IDEAL for Google Ads

101 Life Coaching Tools
Save 75% This Month Only
Buy Now Was £199 Now Only £39.99


** Super Profitable Keywords **

life coaching tools
101 life coaching tools
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Coaching Business ina Box
Save 75% Now Only £39.99 Start A Life Coach Business in 24hr

**All Profitable Keywords**

how to set up a life coaching business
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FaceBook Ads


We’ve been running FaceBook ads profitably now for over a year and have enjoyed a great return on investment in the coaching sector.

So we’re really excited to give you our own personal FaceBook ads campaign – using our most profitable interests and ad copy!

You can go live in just a few minutes on one of the world’s biggest sites.

Here’s how to profit with Website X using FaceBook ads…

Step 1: Login to FaceBook

It’s easy to start advertising on FaceBook. Simply login to facebook then go to https://www.facebook.com/advertising and click on “create an ad” then enter the following info:

Step 2: Enter your ad


(remember, this is your affiliate link, replace the “xxx” with your ClickBank nickname)

Headline: (pick one of these 3)

Coaching Business in a Box

101 Coaching Techniques

Make Money as a Coach

Ad text:

Get Your Everything You Need to become a paid Life coach

Step 3: Choose an image

Here are our 3 most clickable images for FaceBook, proven to get clicks and convert to sales!

Pick whichever one you like…

Google Destroyer

(right click and save to your computer, then upload to facebook

101 coaching techniques

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(right click and save to your computer, then upload to facebook

Step 4: Choose your audience


United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia


18 to no max (any age)


any (both male or female)

Precise Interests:

Life coaching, nlp, coaching techniques, self employed

Cost Per Click


Finally, enter your audience as shown above, then click the “Place Order” button at the bottom of the page. That’s it! We suggest you run with a Cost Per Click of $0.50.

Simply put your ad live and it should go out on FaceBook within a few hours!

Got a question?
You can email us here – info@employmentking.co.uk


ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK(r) is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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Chris Delaney Specialise in:

FREE Life Coaching Downloads

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Train to Be a life Coach and Make Money as a part time or full time Coach

coaching business in a box

101 Life Coaching Tools and Techniques

101 coaching techniques

Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


DIDSBURY: 4 Birley Park, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2TL

MANCHESTER: The Triangle, 37 Exchange Square, Manchester M4 3TR

E-MAIL: chrisdelaney7@gmail.com for more information


  • Hypnosis and Life Coaching for smoking in Didsbury
  • Hypnosis and Life Coaching for weight loss in Didsbury
  • Hypnosis and Life Coaching for fears and phobias in Didsbury
  • Hypnosis and Life Coaching for self esteem in Didsbury
  • Hypnosis and Life Coaching for anxiety in Didsbury
  • Hypnosis and Life Coaching for alcoholism in Didsbury
  • Hypnosis and Life Coaching for confidence in Didsbury
  • Hypnosis and Life Coaching for goals in Didsbury

Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching in Didsbury is easily located for people living in and around Stockport, Manchester, Tameside, Chorlton and Didsbury, as we are just off the M60

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