Is Google Killing Your Hypnotherapy Business?

 Is Google Killing Your Hypnotherapy Business?


Many new hypnotherapist and life coaches want to know how they can rank high on Google increasing referrals, clients and profits. This is the million pound secret that professionals from all sectors are asking.


Google keep their secrets under-wraps and its hard to predict what exactly Google require you to do to rank high on search terms, especially as Google constantly update their algorithms, and once every couple of years they throw-out new designs to ensure the public find what they are searching for and not just a bunch of sale pages.


And this is what hypnotherapist have to understand – Google want their searchers to find exactly what they are looking for. If a Google user want to searches “how to get over a phobia?” Google and the user, don’t want to find a hypnotherapist advert or they would of searched “hypnotherapy for phobias” instead they want to find a breakdown of a phobia removal technique.


How Can Google Help a Hypnotherapist?


Having a great book a hypnotherapy sales page isn’t enough. The hypnotherapist as well as being a therapist also needs to be a blogger, writing content on their niche. The more relevant hypnotherapy content you have on your blog page, the more likely Google is to rank your post higher on search engine results. The savvy hypnotherapist will give away free advice in the form of youtube videos, blog post and trough webinars or Google hangouts. The more you give away for free, and the content has to be valuable, the more you will receive in the way if client bookings!


You think this sounds a little crazy – if I tell people how to be confident, they wont need my help, and i’m a confidence hypnotherapist. There are always clients requiring hypnotherapy, especially hypnotherapy is becoming more popular, but competition for these clients is high. 8/10 clients search for hypnotherapist on Google and the therapist that gives the most away in terms of free content (and videos) will rank higher and 80% of Google users click the first organic website that Google rank at the top of page one.




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Increase Hits Through Competative Hypnotherapist Websites


Guest blogging should be a key theme in any self employed hypnotherapist marketing plan. Your website is now a brand, well this is how Google view you. You need to build up a brand which is why internet marketers keep rambling on about niching. A therapist who does a bit of everything from phobia removal to stop smoking confuses Google, and a confused Google will drop your page rankings.


Target your niche and in your own blog page and when you guest blog you want to write about your specialism without having an angle on sales and conversions – remember give away valuable content. IF YOU BLOG ABOUT IT THEY WILL COME – the blog readers who doesn’t want to purchase your service wont! Instead give away advice to help build up your reputation as an expert and to help Google understand your authority and brand, this way you will start the crawl up the Google search rankings. And those who want to book a coaching session will click the well advertised link to your sales page – let this happen naturally.


All this takes time. It is rare to set up any business and to start receiving hundreds of client bookings the same day. This can be achieved but I have saved these internet marketing secrets for “the coaching business in a box” To increase backlinks to your website you should be ideally guest blogging at least once a week.



Smashing Social Media


Youtube video are a popular way to pass time. How many times have you been stood at a bus stop and instead of reading a blog post you watch a youtube video? Camera phones and HD quality have made videos a massive time filler and the savvy life coach will use this medium as a tool to boost bookings.


Google predict that videos will steal a massive amount of online traffic and they have already started adding YouTube videos to search results. Popular therapy videos generally fall into two categories 1. client demonstrations and 2. step by step explanations. Animations also add a fun way to share your expertise.


Facebook, G+, Twitter and Instagram, as well as the other main social media platforms help to boost traffic and rankings. Many therapist are part time and wrongly believe that having a presence on all social media platforms will help boost business. But like your niche you need to specialise. Instead of spending a little time promoting on all social media platforms, choose one that you will add content to on a regular basis. And as with your marketing strategy don’t add promotional links instead, like on your blog, share valuable content….its all about valuable niche content.



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Dont Cheat or Google Will Punish You

It is so tempting to use what Google see as illegal black hat tactics.   As a therapist I receive hundreds of e-mails from SEO companies telling me how they can get my website on Google page 1 (I never understand how a company stating that they can get me on Google page 1 don’t rank high for SEO keywords!!!) and how they will add my URL to 100 online directories.


Be careful as Google hate spammy websites and if your URL ends up on a spammy directory/website it can cost you your ranking. Google gets more and more clever. A couple of years ago we would “spin” articles; write an article, change a couple of words/sentences and repost – this would trick Google to believe that we have more content then we really had. With new Google algorithms they easy see through these ploys. Good, New, Relevant Content is king.  You have to write new niche content that is so good that other people will share your post on their social media and websites.


The more interesting the post the better. I know this isn’t a quick win, but with Google you can’t get quick wins any more – we are no longer in the 90’s. As a therapist I hope that you are passionate about your niche, so write about your passion, share your ideas, thoughts, discuss new techniques that you have invented and write about your clients journeys. Overtime your website will climb the Google Rankings for keywords relevant to your niche, from this you will see an increase in sales and bookings.



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10 Step Marketing Plan for Hypnotherapist


  1. Write a blog once a day targeted to your hypnotherapy niche
  2. Guest post once a month, once again keep this targeted to your brand
  3. Once a month upload a demonstration youtube video
  4. Add comments, post links to blog post all relevant to your expertise and like other peoples comments and post on social media
  5. Only used well known online directories
  6. Encourage customers to leave positive reviews on directories and Google
  7. Choose one social media platform to promote your expertise on – become an authority on this forum (unless you have lots of spare time then you can do this for multiple sites)
  8. Give quotes to reporters who write for national newspapers or blogs (if you dont how to access this source click “coaching business in a box”)
  9. Write post on new discoveries, advancements in practices and out the box ideas related to your hypnotherapy niche
  10. Embed videos and/or images into your blog post

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