What Google Is Doing For Life Coaches

What Google Is Doing For Life Coaches



Everyone is familiar with Google search engines, but there is a lot more to Google, more then most life coaches realise.  There are many hidden Google gems, that will help you succeed as a life coach, simplifying your process from referral to the client session and  helping you to run a successful life coaching business.


All the Google gems I will share with you today are FREE. Also remember that Google works on a cloud bases allowing users to access email, calenders and documents on any device, and as you will read below this has many time saving benefits for the savvy coach.


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 Google Drive


For me one key feature of using Google for my coaching business is that everything I need to access is accessible under one sign-in. This is a massive time saver, in previous years I needed separate login accounts and passwords to access and upload videos on sites like Vimeo, to check my Microsoft e-mail, to access my calender, to create a new blog post, to create a slideshow presentation. I literally spent 2 hours a day logging in to a wide mix of useful apps. Time now spent marketing by business and coaching clients.


Google Drive is the cloud server that holds all your business requirements. On the drive you can access Docs, Spreadsheets, Power Point  Presentations and Photos on any device, anywhere in the world. But even better then that, Google Drive has some amazing features.


  • Sharing Docs. A key marketing technique is writing post for other websites as this increases your authority and boost hits to your website. Often you and the web owner will collaborate on the article to ensure the tone, topic and length is suitable for the web owners audience.  Using Google Drive you can share your docs with other users. This allows each user to edit the document live, rather then having to e-mail an attachment to make small amendments.

If required you can send a “read only” access to a user or invite multiple people to edit the document. You can see who has edited a document, have live chats with the articles contributors or ask for feedback.

  • Massive Amounts of Storage. Google gives you 15 G of FREE storage which is enough for most coaches, you can if required upgrade.


Google Analytics


Analytics is a great tool for a life coach. Ananlytics tracks data from your website including gender of the web user, country, duration on pages, their behavior (do view one or multiplier pages)  new or repeat visitors and even if the user is visiting via a smartphone or laptop…and so much more.


This allows the life coach to build up a detailed picture of their webpage users – your potential clients. You can use this detail to really target your website and coaching business to the potential clients who are visiting your page, increasing bookings.


All coaches need to increase client bookings and here is how Analytics can help

  • Identify which pages and links your visitors click the most. Google Analytics show you which are your most popular pages and links. You can also monitor the monitory value of pages. Once you identify the popular pages and you have, through analyzing the make-up of your users, identified the client type viewing your page, you can then tweak the page to increase bookings, helping you to build a successful business.


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I really like gmail. Security is a big feature for all coaches, and Google takes security for the e-mail service seriously. You can add a Two-Step Authentication using your phone number. If a user tries to access gmail on a new computer, you will be alerted by phone – you even have to enter a pass code, which stops people with access to your password sneaking a peek at your mail.


There are many great features with gmail you can personalise your account, delete Google ads, easily unsubscribe from newsletters, set up filters, schedule e-mails, add labels (file e-mails in folders) and much more.


A key feature for the life coach is

  • Multiple Accounts. Google allows you to have multiple accounts (personal and business account) You can zinc accounts so they are accessible from one device, allowing you to check e-mails on the go.
  • Synced Contacts.  You can have your smartphone contacts synced automatically with your Google account, this saves time by maintaining Gmail contacts you simultaneously maintain your smartphone contacts. You can also merge contacts with various accounts, in effect you will only need to maintain the ‘Contacts’ on Gmail for your whole address book to be updated on your smartphone and tablet where you’ve signed-in with your ID.
  • Filters. Google now send your e-mails to either a primary, social or promotional tab. This is great as the promotional e-mails I receive don’t clog up my primary email tab (where potential clients e-mail me)

You can also divide your inbox into sections such that Unread mails, Starred mails, etc – Click Settings then Inbox, Priority Inbox Then divide the sections as Unread, Starred and “Save Changes”

coaching business in a box

 Google Calendar


Google calendar is a key tool for the life coach, helping you manage your clients appointments, networking events and conferences you are presenting at. With Google calendar you can events easily, by clicking on the date, time and agenda. Google will help you find the venue location through the interrogation of Google maps, even telling you the travel duration time.

Google will also send you a meeting reminder so you never forget an appointment. The calendar is also synced to your contacts and G+, this allows Google to import your contacts birthdays and Google hangout events that you have planned to attend.


A great tool for coaches is the invitation.


  • Invitation. as you set up a client booking in your calendar, Google will allow you to add your clients e-mail address, which results in the client receiving an event invitation with date, time, venue address ensuring that client bookings are always accurate. You can even do this through Google voice search making it easier and faster to add bookings to your calendar.



Google +

If you haven’t heard about Google social media page (current the fastest growing social media platform) then you need to look it up. Not only does G+ have many benefits it is also a great marketing tool for the savvy life coach.

As with all social media pages you can add content, links, videos and pictures, but with G+ your post can rank in search engines helping your SEO marketing.

G+ also links your G+ page with your YouTube channel increasing exposure to this ever-increasing platform (video marketing is on the increase and coaching need to build this into their marketing plan) On your profile you can add your business address (this can be linked in from your Google Map profile) bio and several links to your website(s)


Here is why all coaches should be on G+

  • Google+ Authorship. You may on some Google search results see the authors profile picture next the search result (this can often increase the click-through rate of the post) this is called Google Authorship. For a life coach who builds a brand based on themselves, authorship is a great tool for exposure
  • Communities. You can join or set up a life coaching community to share ideas, thoughts and post with other coaches or to interact online with potential clients (who use coaching communities to check what support they can access)
  • Eye Catching Post. You can create eye-catching post by using Bold or Italics; Italicize with underscores: _italics_, Strikethrough something with hypens: -correction-, Bold a word or phrase with astericks: *bold*


Google Hangouts

Google hangouts is a free tool on G+. In Google Hangouts you can create live videos that are upload live to your Youtube Channel. You can even use hangouts to create multi-user  conference calls.

We have talked previously about building your brand and how the life coach is the brand for a coaching business. Google handgouts allows your potential customers to get to know you, the type of coaching you specialize in and you can film live demonstrations, complete Q and A sessions and give free advice to build up your authority as a coach.


  • Your Shop Front Window. People book sessions with the coach they believe will be support them. Using hangouts or even Youtubes Webcam Capture  (you can edit videos on webcam capture before posting) allows your audience and potential client to meet you online. This better than any business card, online review or your website bio.

Videos can be added to G+ or easily integrated into your website. You can invite your communities or followers to attend the hangout and set a forthcoming hangout invitation. Your videos are added to youtube saving time marketing and they can rank in Google search results.

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101 coaching techniques

Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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