5 Quick Ways To Stay Motivated

5 Quick Ways To Stay Motivated


You know when you feel motivated at work – you feel energized, confident, you arrive early and put your all into each task, you have a desire to succeed, you want to get on with the task in hand and your work ethic doubles.


Motivation happens across all aspects of our lives from work to relationships, from achieving goals to improving fitness. When motivated you feel that you will win, you believe in your talent and skills, and your passion for the task increases.


As with all emotions, motivation increases and decreases throughout the day. Sometimes external factors or individuals can decrease your motivation or sometimes your own negative attitude can diminish your passion. These 5 tips will help you boost your motivation levels quickly when needed.



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 Motivation Boost 1 – Keeping the Glass Full


Your perspective will change your motivation levels – is the glass is half full or is the glass is half empty? When feel down think about how you perceive the task you are on. If you are using “away from” language, change this to create a positive goal.

Change away from goals to towards goals.


  • I want to give up smoking (away from) – I will be a none smoker (towards)
  • I don’t want to be fat anymore (away from) – I will be fit and healthy (towards) 
  • I need to get away from having no money (away from) – I will be financial stable (towards)


This works because your minds makes images for the words you use. If you imagine a smoker, overweight person or yourself struggling with no money you will feel the negative associated feelings attached to these thoughts – highly unmotivational


Instead if you visualize yourself being successful; a none smoker, fit and healthy or financially successful you will feel motivated towards these goals

 Motivation Boost 2 – Take the Plunge


Demotivated individuals are often bad decision makers. Do you ever find yourself over-thinking simple task, procrastinating or thinking only off the negative outcomes?


To motivate yourself think about your goal/task. Plan your steps required to achieve this task, imagine taking these steps and predict the outcome. If the outcome is the required goal (or at least useful) take the plunge and jump straight in to it. If you predict a negative outcome, think of a new way to achieve the goal and repeat the process.


Motivated people have great decision making strategies, once they have made up there mind to act on their idea, they simple go for it.



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 Motivation Boost 3 – Start Small


Often people become overwhelmed by the amount of task, duties or milestones required to achieve their goal. The feeling of being overwhelmed is like to blanket covering and smothering your motivation. Even the thought of overwhelmness can demotivate you.


Start small by making a list of all the task and duties required to move forward. First complete all the small and easy task and with each completed task tick this off your list. By seeing yourself achieving and ticking of task is highly motivational and will encourage you to start larger/longer task.


 Motivation Boost 4 – Take a Peek Inside


To be motivated you need to truly believe in yourself, in your skills, your qualities, your strengths, your experiences. After each day reflect on what you did well and think the skill or quality you used to achieve this task.


Also look at what would help you to develop yourself, and how with this skill you would complete the task easier next time. If required turn this into a new goal.


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 Motivation Boost 5 – Feed the Body Feed the Mind


Stressed people can become more agitated because they stop eating, drinking (water) or lack sleep. You need to feed and water your body to stay motivated. Without food and water your body and brain shuts down to help you to sleep   – which is why you will feel tiered.


Always have a bottle of water in front of you (easy reach) and drink 2 liters each day. Also ensure you have breakfast, dinner and tea and snack healthy between meals. If when completing a task you feel a headache coming on or you feel the first signs tiredness ask yourself “when did I last eat or drink(water)?”


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