5 Simple Ways to De-stress Your Life

5 Simple Ways to De-stress Your Life


Do you find that your life is stressful? So many people allow stress to be a forceful part of their life, allowing it to effect their life, career, relationship, goals, aspirations and health. This is a really shame, especially when you can reduce your stress levels easily using these 5 simple destressing techniques.


Make it Simple, Simplify Your Life


A hectic schedule is a major cause of high stress. Look at your weekly task and put them into 3 boxes.

  • Box 1 – Do It – these are the task you have to do, essential task, tasks that require your expertise.
  • Box 2 – Get Rid of It – task that were once important, but now on reflection you can get rid of them, task that can be automated and task that no longer make an impact on you.
  • Box 3 – Delegate It – stressed can be induced by the individual holding on to too many task, instead trust others and spread-out the workload. You can, if needed create a quality checking process to ensure that delegated task are completed to your standards, but in the main these are task that others can complete on your behalf.

By organizing your task, getting rid of task that no longer require your attention, looking at ways to automate systems to save your valuable time and by delegating task, duties and roles, you first have more spare time and less stress in your life.




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Exercise The Essential Stress Releaser

Use exercise and movement for distressing. Become more active, use the energy created by stress to exercise and to stay healthy. This can be a walk, run, swim, yoga, sport, hike, trampolining, rock climbing, dog walking or any active exercise. This doesn’t have to be grueling or hard work, but when you exercise your body, you can exercise your mind. You may find learning a new sport highly rewarding and motivational. As well as exercising, ensure you eat well and drink lots of water


Relax The Mind Reduce The Stress


People often spend to much time rushing around, competing a wide range of activities; answering phones, checking e-mails, walking the dog, cooking tea, taking the kids to school and feel they can only relax when watching TV. Watching TV doesn’t help you to distress. What you need to do to really distress is relax or mediate for at least 20 minutes once a day. To relax:

  • Take 10 long deep breaths
  • Close your eyes
  • Imagine being somewhere really relaxing; a beach, countryside or field. See this place from your own eyes; see what you can see, hear what you can hear and imagine that feeling of relaxation
  • In this imaginary place, imagine sitting or lying down, allow all the stress to float away and as you breath in again you can notice yourself relaxing more and more.



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Faster Finance

Money and finance can be big stress inducers. With salaries being paid directly into your bank account and direct debits being available for all bills, you can easily simplify your money management helping to reduce stress in this key area of your life. If you get paid, as most do, on the same date each month, you can then set up your direct debits for all your bills from your mortgage to your gym payments, to be paid 5 days after your income is directly added to your bank account.



The 5 days allows for any delays in payment and ensures you don’t become overdrawn. And once your bills have been automatically paid the rest of the money is yours to spend. You can even set up a direct debit for a savings account for holidays or rainy days.


Find the Fun


Life isn’t all about work. You need to have fun, enjoy yourself and you need to laugh. Think about the things you enjoy to do, the people you like to be around, write a list of things you want to achieve , shows you want to see, places you want to visit and DO IT!!! When you’re on your deathbed, you won’t look back and say “I remember that day when I watched TV” instead you will want to remember all the goods time and great experiences you had.

Your mantra should to do more of the things you enjoy doing. The more fun you have the less stressed you will be.



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