3 Life Lessons Learnt From Children

3 Life Lessons Learnt From Children


When we are born we are completely dependent on our parents. They feed us, clothe us, help us to drink, give protection and they teach us the rules of life, the rules of survival.


It is easy to understand how our elders are respected and how as a young a child you look up to and learn from your parents and other peers. But even though our parents offer advice and help us to learn, you the parent, can learn life lessons from children.



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Life Lesson 1 – Learning the Advantages of Failure


As adults we all fear failure. To be successful you need to be innovative and your need to push yourself to failure. So often we stay in our comfort zone, you learn one way to live your life, to run your business or to achieve goals, but rarely to you stray from this. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”Albert Einstein


Babies don’t understand the word failure, they only understand “learning.” Crawling around, babies will put anything into their mouth learning what taste nice and what taste disgusting. Babies will touch, play and test everything in their environment. Babies do not get embarrassed or check if someone is watching, and never do they second guest what others will think of them as they pull on the cats tail, break wind or giggle at anything that amuses them.


Many successful adults will also put their fear on the shelve.  A successful acrobat will not become competent at acrobats and leave it at that. Instead the acrobat will master the skill, spending hours practicing and preparing, making mistakes, getting it wrong and learning from failures. As you get it wrong, you will learn how to improve until you become an authority in your skill.


Successful individuals from all professions push themselves to failure, they practice and improve their skills until they get it wrong. Then they simply reflect and learn from their mistake and continue their journey to success.


Once you realize that you have a natural skill or gift you can be happy with this level of expertise or you can push yourself to failure learning and improving with each and every step.



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 Life Lesson 2 – Crave Creativity


Children rarely follows the rules. They use their imagination, creativity and innovation in everything they do. Children will use their imagination to make dolls fly, to serve cups of tea to invisible guest and to imagine walking through a new land full of giants and trees made from chocolate.


Many adults are to afraid of their imagination, they don’t want to be seen as a dreamer and prefer to show a professional and logical front to the outside world. People believe that others respect logical over creativity, but creativity is key to success.


You should crave creativity.The creative part of your mind is highly powerful and helps people to solve problems, to think out of the box, to find new solutions to old problems. Your creativity mind can help you predict the outcomes to actions, design imaginative things, draw people, landscapes and buildings. The creative mind gives you your “light-bulb” moments, it helps you to think on your feet and uses imagination to push people to their best.


Without imagination we wouldn’t have landed on the moon, will wouldn’t have the internet, we would have never created cartoons, built trains, created medicines that save thousands of lives each day and we would have never become artist, architects or engineers.


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 Life Lesson 3 – Have Fun and Laugh More


Kids are imaginative and aren’t afraid of failure, but my favorite life lesson from children is to have more fun. Children will do more of what they enjoy doing, children laugh freely and children like to enjoy themselves.


Adults of often feel stressed, tiered and ill. Many adults don’t make time to have fun, adults worry about other peoples opinions of them which stops them expressing themselves, stops them laughing at whatever makes them laugh and stops them exploring the things that interest them.


If you could do whatever you wanted to do in a world where no-one cared what you did, where no-one would criticize you and a world where you would be encouraged for your passion – what would you do? What ever your answer is, you should be doing more of that in this world.


Life is about being happy, having fun and laughing (which is the best medicine) Start by doing more of the things you like, surround yourself by people you enjoy spending time with and stopping doing the things that make you stressed.


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