6 Tricks for a Success Mindset

6 Tricks for a Success Mindset


Everyone wants to be successful; successful in love, successful in life, successful in a career, successful in business and successful in health.


But why are some people more successful then others? What tricks to do successful people use to keep motivated, passionate and well, successful?


You can use these 6 success tricks yourself, to help you become more successful in your life.



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Success Mindset 1- “I Did It My Success Way”


Frank Sinatra sang “I did it my way.” To be successful you need to do it your way. Many people try and copy other successful people and do it their way, only to end up failing.


Become aware of your own natural talents, your temperament, what motivates you and your stresses indicators. Which environment do you perform best in, what people motivate you and what are you doing when you are at your best.


You can learn from others, but to be successful you need to do it your way, as this will keep you motivated and inspired. You will play to your own natural strengths which increases your own success


Success Mindset 2 – Modelling Success


Successful people have already made mistakes, developed their skills and honed their success. You have to be successful by “doing it your own way” but you can learn from others.


The key here is to model the skill, quality or approach rather then modelling the whole person. By understanding how a successful person achieves a particular goal, you can model this particular behavior and/or approach.


If you model the whole person you will model both their skills and bad habits. Their values may not be in zinc with your values which can cause friction and stress and you may not have the embedded learning they achieved from their own experiences.


To model a skill find out how this person approaches a task, their mindset, their values and beliefs, how they motivate themselves and their creative or logical approach. Which emotion; drive, motivation, joy, excitement do they use for success. What do they visualize and what positive self talk do they use.


By modelling the persons mindset you can feel the same motivational emotions for success.


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 Success Mindset 3 – The Success Perspective


We make decisions based on emotions rather the logic. When planning a new goal we allow our emotions to decide our course of action. An example is when someone would like to exercise more to help lose weight. This is a logical choice, but our emotions make our decisions – the negative emotion associated to exercise, result in the decision not to exercise.


Success comes from looking at all perspectives. When making a choice to act look at all perspectives; the pain of exercising and the pain of not exercising


By comparing all possible outcomes you can decide which emotion best suits this particular goal, allowing you to choose to act when you want to.


 Success Mindset 4 – Success Relaxation


You are working on overdrive. Rarely to we relax, mediate or destress. Success comes from working hard, but this alone, is not enough. You also need to relax and recharge. You should aim to relax at least 20 minutes each day.


You can relax by;

  • Taking a stroll around a park  
  • Meditating
  • Allowing your mind to wonder while sitting in a quite room 
  • Breathing exercises 
  • Yoga 




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Success Mindset 5 – Enjoying a Success Life


Do you appreciate your life? Many of us go around looking for the next big thing, setting goals and chasing success.


Stop, back up and appreciate what you have now. Appreciate what you have achieved so far. Appreciate your life, relationships, values, career and successes.


Appreciation allows you to live successfully in the hear and now.



Success Mindset 6 – Reflecting on Success


As well as enjoy the hear and now you also need to reflect on your past successes. What was you doing when you were your most successful? What environment helped you to be more successful? Which people motivated you? How did your values fit in with your goals? How did you identify with yourself?


By understanding to elements that created success for you, you can recreate your successful state when working towards new goals.


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