NLP Perceptual Positions

NLP Perceptual Positions


Clients will often get stuck because they see a situation from only one perspective – their own map of the world. The NLP perceptual position exercise allows the clients to view the same situation from a different perspective, which increases their learning, helping them to make a choice about how they want to approach the same situation on the future.



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Think about a recent event that you feel could have gone better, an event that you wish you could have communicated differently or an event that left you feeling confused on how you can improve the situation.


Consider the event from your own perspective

Return to this event fully in your mind and run mental movie of this situation as it occurred on the day. Re-experience this situation as fully as possible, (becoming totally associated with the emotions you had at the time of the interview) from your own eyes. What can you see? Notice the other people you are talking to, hear what they said to you. See the expression on their face, notice their body language. Become aware of how you feel. Speak to the person (out loud or in your head) and use the same language as you originally did. Really relive this experience as you did at the time of the event. At the end of this episode, rewind this movie and pause the movie at the beginning of this conflict situation.

Break your State by shaking your arms and legs!





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The Second Position


Now that your movie is ‘paused’ at the beginning, look over at the person talking to you. Notice how they are breathing, notice their posture, facial expressions, the way they move. Now consider what their tone of voice is like, do they speak fast or slow, loud or quiet? How to they walk, talk, sit, laugh and relax? What are some of the things you know about this persons; what are their likes and dislikes?

Now imagine floating out of your own body and into the body of the other person. Imagine you are inside their skin. Become aware of how this person experiences life. Take on their posture, gestures and their tone of voice.

Set aside your own beliefs and values and replay the event from their chair and viewpoint. Pay attention to the thoughts of this person, their self talk and to any insights that surface as you observe the you, in front of you.

Use this persons language to describe what you experience (refer to yourself as you) ask the

you the same questions asked at the time, look at how they respond and how they communicate to you, what have you learnt from this viewpoint, what else can you learn from this experience of the event, how did (you) come across?

After the scene ends float back into your own body taking with you this new learning and insights.

Break state again by shaking or taking 3 deep breaths.






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The Observer

Return to the event and from your own point of view, before you play out the event for a third time, float out of your body and move to a detached place, where you can observe both you and the other person. Once again re-play the situation as if you were watching and listening to a film or live show. Be curious about what unfolds before you and notice the learning you gain from this third perspective. Listen to the conversation and notice the body language of both people and how you both respond to each others communications.

After the scene ends, float back into your body bringing with you all the insights and learning from the three perceptual positions. Pay attention to the difference in your experience. Take all the time you need to fully return to yourself before opening your eyes.

Repeat this as many times as you feel is necessary and always end in the first position of you.



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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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