5 Tips for Daily Motivation

5 Tips for Daily Motivation


Many motivational articles talk about how to get motivated for big, long term goals. What most people need is daily motivational tips for when they slum in the hear and now.


Gaining motivation for a task or daily goal is easier then you think. Motivation is created through your thoughts and emotional associations and these 5 daily motivational tips will help you boost your motivation so you can achieve all your daily task.



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Daily Motivation Tip 1 – Fuzzy Goals


Personal daily motivation is linked to your daily goal. Increase motivation by making each daily goal clear. If your daily goal isn’t specific your motivation level will drop.

Change the fuzziness of your goal into a focused goal. Visualize completing your goal and imagine what the outcome to achieving this goal will be. Plan 3 steps required to achieve this goal and do the easiest step first.


  1. Visualise your daily goal
  2. Imagine completing this goal
  3. Become aware of the outcome from this achievement
  4. Plan 3 steps you need to complete to achieve this goal
  5. Start with the easiest step


Daily Motivation Tip 2 – Big Rewards


We are motivated by pain and pleasure. When working towards a daily task, at some point, your motivation will drop. Its at this point that procrastination sets in, anxiety around the task increases and self esteem drops. In this state you will never finish your task.


To change your motivation levels change your focus. Instead of thinking about how hard the task is, instead, think about what will happen if you don’t complete this task – think about the negative outcome, as pain can be a big motivator.


As you start to get more motivated, plan a reward that you can give yourself once you complete a task/step (for a larger goal) or achieve the daily goal.


Rewards can be anything that you desire that will help you stay focused on the task in hand;

  • A 10 minute break
  • A nice cup of tea
  • To finish early for the day
  • A weekend away
  • A cash bonus



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Daily Motivation Tip 3 – Energetic Exercise or Not


We all know that exercise is good for our mind and body. When working on  a daily goal you can sometimes work yourself into the ground.


There is a difference between a required break and a lazy procrastinated induced stop. Sometimes you need to have a break to either relax in a quite room or by going for a stroll in the local park.


Some people need to recharge their batteries by having time alone and others get their energy from being around their colleagues and family, chatting and laughing.


Some people de-stress through energetic exercise and others de-stress through yoga or by stretching their legs.


  • Become aware of when you need a break (ask – if I have a break for 10 minutes will my output improve?)
  • Decide which method will help you get motivated – exercise or rest?
  • Which would energise you the most being alone or with others?


Daily Motivation Tip 4 – Do It, Done It


People will often burn themselves out by doing to much.

Ask, what needs doing today, do it and then once you are done go home! If you split your weekly task down in to daily chunks on a Monday morning, it makes working towards each daily task, mentally easy.


Knowing that you will soon be going home (reward) after the tasked is completed, is also highly motivational.


  • On a Monday record all the task that need completing this week
  • Allocate a day to each task and activity
  • Work only on those task allocated to a particular day
  • Once completed go home
  • Return the next day and start the next set of task feeling fresh and motivated




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Daily Motivation Tip 5 – A Cup of Tea and a Chat


There are certain people in our lives that really motivate us. these can be friends colleagues or family member’s.


When feeling stressed think about the person who can best help you – do you need someone who can make you laugh, someone who will listen or someone to soundboard off?


Call them, Skype them or take them for a cup of tea. Once your batteries are recharged and motivation is once again high return to your daily task



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