Tony Robbins 3 S’s for Successful Coaching

Tony Robbins 3 S’s for Successful Coaching



It is clear that Tony Robbins is the worlds most successful coach. Robbins has helped over 3 million people in over 3o countries


His experience and ability to model success has led to Tony understanding the psychology for change. Embedded into all his coaching sessions are the 3 S’s


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First S – Your Story


Your story defines your identity and beliefs.


Your personal story and beliefs are created from your perceived experiences. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, what we say to ourselves will come true, because our expectations create our focus and state.


The story you live your life by, is probably true, but it is this story, this belief that is limiting your life. The story is often the excuse that you use to not try, to give up, to quit, to fail.

  • “I’ve never been able to do X”
  • “I was born a failure”
  • “I’ve always been overweight/a loser/second best/ugly/ a slow learner/un-creative/a follower/pretender/scared..”


Successful people will change their story, create a new perspective and empower themselves by building a strong positive belief system

  • “I put effort into everything I do”
  • “I grow by learning from my mistakes”
  • “I can create strategies to create change”




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Second S – Your State


In the wrong state, you make the wrong decisions.


Have you ever said something bad to someone you love because you were in the wrong state?  Your anger, as an example, made you snap at a comment or question your partner asked, that you would have, in a positive state, respond differently too?


  • Your state of mind filters your experiences and your map of the world
  • Your state of mind has a direct influence on your decisions 
  • Your state of mind creates your focus 

“When you can change your decisions you can change your life” – Tony Robbins. 


If you control your state you give yourself options, choices and the power is returned to you. Alternatively you can allow your state to control you creating limitations, bad habits and  learned helplessness.


Change Your State 

  • Move your body; dance, jump up and down, exercise, stretch. By moving your physiology you change your state 
  • Focus on positivity; search for the good, choose a positive perspective and focus on success. If you focus on negativity, you feel negative, focus on the positive, feel positive  
  • Auditory upbeats; listen to upbeat, high tempo music, surround yourself with positive speakers and repeat positive affirmations. Positive sound changes your emotional state  


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Third S – Your Strategy 


Successful people have success strategies.


If you model a success strategies you can get the same outcome. But how can you access peoples strategies?


With the web, strategies are everywhere;

  • You need a strategy for baking a cake, you get a recipe book
  • Learn to achieve goals, book a life coach 
  • Become healthier, discuss diets with a nutritionist or read diet books on the web, in health books…their are strategies all around 


The point is, we can access strategies easily, we increase the speed of learning by learning from experts – we don’t have to start from scratch, instead we learn from their experiences  and knowledge and “jump” our learning.


“A strategy is a specific way of organizing your resources in order to consistency get the result you want” – Tony Robbins 


You already have embedded strategies. You have behavioral habits that you work from. If you are unhealthy you probably have bad eating strategies – you eat fatty fast food meals. You may blame this on your story “I don’t have enough time to cook” but this is a habit/strategy if you always choose to eat this way.


There are many ways you can learn a new strategy to eat more healthier; dietitian, GP, learning to cook,  coach, online advice, diet clubs…the list goes on and on. The key point to remember is, if you want a different result, get a new strategy 





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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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