The 5 Tips For Success That All Coaching Blogs Mention

The 5 Tips For Success That All Coaching Blogs Mention



As a Manchester Hypnotherapist and NLP Life Coach I am often found reading blogs on success, self-development, confidence, motivation and goal setting


I love developing my skills this way, but after I while I noticed that the key points to achieve success record on the blogs and websites had a commonality to them


There is a theme running through all the blog post I read and I have recorded the 5 Tips for Success that all coaching blogs cover


The better blogs cover 3-4 of these tips while others discuss one tip in detail. I have recorded all 5 tips in one blog for your use



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5 Tips For Success Tip 1; Change Your Beliefs  


People who don’t take action have limiting beliefs. When you hear people stating these beliefs, you will know that these people live in a limiting belief system – they let their limiting beliefs control them.


Peoples limiting beliefs include:


  • I always fail at everything I’ve tried
  • I will never be thin, I was built this way
  • I was born a nervous person
  • No-one likes me…ever
  • I’m a loser


We learn to rely on our limiting beliefs and we become experts in our habits created from our belief system. Remember at one time your habit wasn’t a habit, is was simply something you did once. A habit is a response or action you complete on a regular basis, this action becomes a habit when you perform it without thinking.


To find success challenge your limiting beliefs as this creates doubt in your belief systems.


  • What have your tried and succeeded in? 
  • When was the last time you lost weight?
  • Where are you when you are at your most confident? 
  • Who is your closet friend?
  • What are you doing when you are a winner? 



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5 Tips For Success Tip 2; Create a Focus



Whatever you focus on you feel.


We make the majority of our decisions emotionally. When wanting success, when confidence is required or when you work towards a goal you need to be in the right state. The emotional state you are in effects your perspective and it is this mixture of perspective and emotional state that changes your ability to take action


If you focus on failure you will feel like a failure – this state wont help you to take action


If you focus on eating unhealthy food, you will feel hungry, if you focus being nervous your confidence will drop, if you focus the hardness of the task you wont reach your goals.


Flip this around and think about being confident to feel confident, focus on your goals to create motivation, focus on enjoying exercise to inspire you to go for a run.


Once you start to focus on the pleasure of your goals, your positive emotional state and once you focus on achieving your goals you will feel a desire to take action




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5 Tips For Success Tip 3; Increase Your Water Intake


On the good blogs I read the author always states the positive reasons for drinking more water.


Rarely have I met someone who constantly drinks the recommended daily amount of water  for men is roughly about 13 cups (3 liters) per day. For women is about 9 cups (2.2 liters) per day. 55-75% of our body is water, if you don’t drink enough water you can end up with droopy skin, the inability to focus, dizziness, confusion, lack of strength and light-headedness –  this is not a productive state to be in


No matter what you want to achieve; increase in confidence, a big goal, boost in self esteem – you need to drink your recommended daily water intake – this sounds simple, but rarely is this achieved


When you drink water you will feel the benefits


  • better calorie control
  • more mussel fuel
  • productivity boost
  • feeling less fatigued
  • brain booster



5 Tips For Success Tip 4; Beat Stress With Exercise   



Yoour physiology creates or changes your state


Imagine being sad or stressed, when you are sad or stressed how do you hold yourself? Compare this to your posture when you are happy or confident?


Peoples hold themselves differently depending on there emotional state, if you change your posture you will change your state.


Exercise is a great stress release system. First exercise changes your posture which changes your state and secondly you turn your stress energy into a useful (exercise) energy. Also exercise changes your focus from the pain of the day to the exercise that you are completing


Everything I have read and researched about exercise is always highly positive



5 Tips For Success Tip 5; Reframe Your Negative Goal


People often set negative goals and don’t often realise that there goal is negative;


  • My goal is to lose weight
  • My goal is to get out of debt
  • My goal is never get nervous on stage again


Setting goals like these may seem fine, but the way the goal is phrased changes the emotional responses to the goal. The 3 examples have one thing on common, each goal is designed to move you away from pain “lose weight” “get out of debt” “never get nervous again”


When you focus on your goal you feel the associated emotional response. Negatively framed goals focus you on the negative, the pain, when you visualise this goal, you visualise the problem.


All really good goal setting blogs discuss this technique in detail; re-frame your negative goal


  • Lose weight becomes “My goal is to enjoy healthier food and to exercise more”
  • Get out of debt becomes “My goal is have a regular income that creates financial freedom”
  • Nervous on stage becomes “My goal is to feel highly confident when performing on stage”


When you read this newly reframed goal you will focus on the positive outcome, which creates a positive emotional state which in turn will help you to take action





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