Google Ad Secrets 3 Steps To Make Google Ads Work For Your Coaching Business

Google Ad Secrets 3 Steps To Make Google Ads Work For Your Coaching Business


I was recently asked by several life coaches how you can make Google Ads pay?


So many coaches attempt to use Google Ads as a marketing strategy and end up with a large bill from Google and NO CLIENTs.


The question is can Google Ads increase client bookings while making a profit for a life coach?


These article will share the 3 key steps required to make Google Ads a successful marketing campaign



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 What Are Google Ads?


When you add in a search query to Google “Life Coach in Manchester” you are instantly shown the a list of potential websites – for this search query you will be shown a list of life coaching businesses.


Research has shown that the top 3 search results receive the most clicks.


As well as the organic search results, you will also see several “Google Ads” at the top of the page and to the right of the page. These are referred to as ‘Google Ads’ and they take about 5 minutes to set up.


Here is an example of a Google Ad Campaign I successfully ran under my Career Coaching Business for “CV Writing Service”


screenshot google ads



The Google search results highlighted in the 2 yellow circles are the paid Google advertisements


The way they work is, that you set up an ad, you add the search terms you want your ad to show on and as a customer clicks on your ad you get charged (the cost per click ranges depending on the popularity of the search term)


On average a click “Life Coaching in Manchester (location)” cost around £3-£4 but this will vary depending on your location. When you set your ad up, Google with you give an estimate of your cost per click.


The great thing about Google Ads is that you can target your audience, unlike generic advertising in a magazine say, where hundreds of people may see your ad but only a small percentage of them are interested in your product or service, Google Ads increase that percentage because only a person looking for a life coach in Manchester will search for “Life Coach in Manchester”






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The Secret To Making Google Ads Pay for A Life Coaching Business


Competition for customers is high. The problem that many coaches have is how they target there potential customers. 


Many coaches set up Google Ads under a generic term “coaching.” This allows Google to show your add under any “coaching” related search term; football coaching, coaching books, coaching training course.


Initially you think “great – the more exposure I get the better!” But this is the mistake all new coaches make. For your coaching business to be successful you need to niche


International organisations (Nike, Pepsi, Amazon) use exposure marketing through a variety of channels from sport sponsorship to billboard to Google Ads,   to create a familiar brand. This familiarity creates desire but this is a costly process that rarely works for a coach


Coaches need to target their advertising to a particular customer and this is why Google Ads can be highly effective


Step 1 – Give the Customer What They Want


Step 1 in this process is Niching your coaching business


Many of you reading this article will have a coaching website that covers all aspects of coaching from business coaching to career coaching to confidence coaching.


As I discussed in the “Coaching Business in a Box” it is easy, as a new coach, to fall for this trick. You wrongly believe that the more “coaching options” I offer the more clients I can access.


The opposite is true, the more you niche the more clients you will receive. This is true for your Google Ads you need to niche your advert rather than offering a generic coaching service


Only people looking for coaches search for a life coaching business. These individuals are looking for a particular services; business coach, self esteem coach, goal coach, phobia coach.


On average customers will look at 3 coaching websites before making a decision to contact a particular coach. If potential clients click your Google Ad and don’t purchase a session, this will cost you money


How does the client make a choice?


Imagine a customer requires a phobia coach to overcome a spider phobia. The client finds 3 life coaching google ads and clicks each one


  • Coach 1 offers a generic coaching service, she offers every type of coaching session known to man from goal setting to financial coaching
  • Coach 2 specializes in phobias, and coaches clients to overcome all phobias from snakes to spiders
  • Coach 3 markets himself as a spider phobia coach, with his website only targeting clients with spider phobias


The client is more likely to hire the coach who luckily specialize in her issue – spider phobia. This makes sense, if you were a client who would you choose a generic coach or an expert in your issue?




coaching business in a box

 Step 2 Targeted Adverts 


The secret with Google Ads is to only appeal to the clients who will book a session with you.


Your advert should turn off anyone who wont purchase your coaching service and intrigue all those potential clients who fall into your niche


Targeted Ads increase your click rate. To ensure your advert is clicked you first need to add a title and this is where your niche comes in, if you’re a spider phobia removal expert add a catchy heading “Spider Phobia Removal 1 Session Only”


Add some discounts “50% of This Week” and start each word with a capital letter (Google won’t allow the whole advert to be in capitals) to make the advert for appealing 


Ensure your link takes the client to the sales page not your home page, as clients want to read how you can help them before purchasing the product or service and don’t want to spend time clicking through pages.


Step 3 – Get On Google Page One


Once you purchase Google Ad campaign, your ad will appear on page one or page two of the Google search page. If featured only on page two, you need to increase your minimum payment per key word, as Google page two rankings don’t cut the mustard. 


Your key word (the search term customers use) should be targeted to your niche. Stay well away from “coaching” and use specific key words “spider phobia removal”


The key here is that you rank at the top of Google page one, the place where your potential customers are searching for you. Only customers wanting a phobia removal session will click your ad, keeping your outgoing cost low, because of your targeted ad 


With a targeted landing page, highlighting how you specialise in this niche will create the belief that you are an expert, which will increase bookings.





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