5 Steps To Increase Positivity

5 Steps To Increase Positivity


When you feel positive you have the belief that you can do anything – you become invincible. This glass is half full…..or overflowing, perspective allows you to take immediate action, as you cant hear the worries or self doubt that anxious people listen to.


This positive attitude feeds peoples success, then the success reinforces the positive attitude creating a strong positive cycle.


Anxious people find it hard to feel positive, but in fact creating a positive state is really easy. These 5 steps will help you focus on positivity helping you to achieve your goals and to feel more successful



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Increase Your Positivity Step 1 Put Negative Beliefs in the Bin


When you set yourself a goal your brain quickly helps you decide if this goal is achievable. It quickly predicts the pain, effort and potential failures against the chance of success


Your beliefs, which are fed by your past experiences and state,  help to balance the scales of pain over success. If you believe that you are always a failure then this belief will create a negative association to your current goal.


From this, your brain looks for more evidence to back up this belief – once we have made a choice, an opinion, a new belief about a goal, we fixate on it and only see a perspective that backs up our new belief


To increase positivity;


  1. Put your belief in an imaginary bin and hammer the lid on!
  2. Find contradictory evidence – think of a time when you have been successful, when you achieved a goal, when you felt positive and couldn’t fail
  3. Read stories of people who achieved success from first failing


To change your perspective and to feel more positive you first need to overload your conscious brain with new evidence that contradicts the emotional belief that is trying to stop you from taking action


This doesn’t mean the goal will be easily to achieve, it means that you have evidence that you can and have succeeded previously. Sometimes hardwork pays off, you can learn from your mistakes, without pain there is no pleasure.


Create a new belief and you will create a new emotional state


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Increase Your Positivity Step 2 Model Positivity


You have probably met hundreds of positive people, individuals that you wish you could be more like


When you see a positive person you know instinctively that they are positive by the way they hold themselves, there body language, eye contact, gestures, smile, facial expressions, tone, pitch and volume of their voice, everything about this person oozes positivity


To increase your own positivity you can model this character


  1. Imagine someone who is highly positive stood in front of you
  2. Notice what makes this person positive
  3. Step around this person and imagine stepping into them; take on their posture, thoughts, voice, feelings – everything that makes them positive
  4. Start to feel this positivity inside you as you act, stand, feel and talk as they do
  5. Imagine doing the task you want to do as this positive person, complete the task feeling positive




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Increase Your Positivity Step 3 Energise With Exercise and Music


Two key things can easily change your state, taking you from a state of stress to feeling highly positive and full of energy.


Changing your physiology changes your state – that is why in the modelling technique (step 2)  you are asked to stand like a positive person as positive peoples posture makes them feel more positive


By exercising you do 2 key things; first you change your physiology and secondly you use the energy created by stress to exercise


Music is also a powerful state changer. Imagine hearing the music from your favorite comedy show, just hearing the opening line changes how you feel. Upbeat music, along with exercise will make you feel more positive



Increase Positivity Step 4 Create A Positive Reframe In Everything


Your perspective effects your state


If you perceive, as an example, when a boss asked why you are late for work, he is having ago at you, you will feel angry. But your boss maybe concerned as he heard there was a crash on the road he knows you regularly use, he asked why you were late, to check that you weren’t involved in an accident


We have a default frame of reference when we see certain stimulus or communicate with particular people. Instead of following this default model, first check if there is a positive frame


  • If someone looks at you in a certain way, is it because they fancy you rather then them having a negative thought?
  • If you get tiered from exercise is this because the exercise is doing you good, rather then it being because you are unfit?
  • If working towards a goal is hard does this mean you are learning and developing compared to being a failure?



Increase Positivity Step 4 Create Control 


If you feel helpless in your life, you may blame someone or something “It because of my childhood” “I was never given that lucky break” or “I never had the right teachers” Blame gives you an excuse for no control; the reason was X, if it wasn’t for X I would have Y.


No one likes the feeling of no control so we blame X to fulfill that feeling of a lack of control


If you hate the feeling of no control – TAKE CONTROL. If you are over weight, exercise. If you hate your job, find a new job. If have no money, find a strategy to make you rich. By taking action you take back the control, you will feel empowered and your motivation for creating change will increase


To take control of your life;


  1. How do you want to live your life – what is your purpose 
  2. Be-aware of the things you are doing that meet this purpose 
  3. Give yourself control by changing your limiting  beliefs and/or taking action to change your life 


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