5 Steps To Sign Up Long Term Clients

5 Steps To Sign Up Long Term Clients


Many coaches work with clients long term. Rather then desiring a fast therapy session to cure a simple phobia, many clients want a long term coach to solve several issues, to set new goals,  to create a success state and to increase productivity.

There is a key advantage for the coach who is working with a client long term, that is the insight into the clients personality traits, stress indicators and motivational pull. By understanding the clients personality on a deeper level allows the coach to frame questions to motivate a particular individual which increases the distance moved forward per coaching session.

Two clients requiring stress coaching in Manchester due to demands set upon them in  their career can be coached differently once the coach understands their client motivational and stress indicators. The first client was “towards” motivated; he would always focus on the outcome, the goal and what he could achieve. The second client was a “away from” motivated, she focused on solving problems, overcoming barriers and checking issues. To make the sessions distinct and to motivate the individual I change the language I use when wording a coaching question to meet there individual motivational preferences

For a “towards” motivated client I phrase a question “How would this help you achieve your goal?” for an “away from” motivated client the question is expressed “how would this help you solve the problem?” This tweaks in communication from knowing a long term client helps the clients focus on their personal motivational traits which allows them to internally make more sense of the session and how to move forward




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Step 1 Target Your Coaching Clients 


A coach should target their ideal client by first profiling who this client is. The information taken from the profile can then be used to add to the right text, font, images, language, price range, etc to the coaches website and marketing materials. This targeted approach increase the desired client and reduces the number of inquiries from clients who don’t match the profile.

By advertising to a particular client make-up you are increasing referrals from the clients you can best help. These same clients will then leave positive reviews, will market you through word or mouth and will return for additional support when required. As a coach it is highly motivational to see the success from your coaching skills which encourages you to keep developing your skills.

Word of mouth is a key tool in the coaches marketing bag. People generally hang around with people who are like themselves. By marketing and successfully coaching a particular profile, this same person will spread the word to similar ideal clients



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Step 2 Create a Niche 


To attract long term  and high end clients, a coach needs to niche within a niche. High-end clients rarely require an “all-in-one” generic coach, instead they prefer to pay a higher cost per session for an expert, an authority within their issue and specialist coach. When marketing a coaching package, as discussed in the coaching business in a box,  a coach needs to focus the package to a particular market and niche.

This approach will turn away potential clients who are looking for an expert in a different niche, but you will receive a higher percentage of starts from referrals for their advertised niche compared to that of a generic coach. Many clients will re-approach their coach for additional support/niches if they receive an original good service/positive outcome for their previous issue.




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Step 3 Niching Your Website 


Potential clients visiting your website have come with a “problem” in mind. By niching your coaching practice and website, potential clients are more likely to book a session with you rather then a generic coach. If a client wants a coach to help them achieve a financial goal, they will pick a “goal” coach over a generic coach, but a potential client looking to achieve a financial goal will always book a session with a coach who specialise in “financial goal planning” then a “goal coach” The golden rule is – the more specific and targeted you coaching business is, the more clients you will coach.

All the additional benefits and any freebies you give away as part of your coaching package has to be targeted to the issue you specialise in. As the client reads the benefits on the coaches website they feel they are getting additional support (free videos, e-books, etc) related to their issue as well as the coaching sessions. A coach may give away free resources but if these resources aren’t relevant to the clients problem it wont effect the clients decisions on whether or not to book a coaching session with this coach.




Step 4 Start for FREE


When breaking into a new market, niche or looking to work with a new business you will find a lot of doors are closed in your face. Competition as a coach is highly competitive which means coaches need to be creative when marketing to a new area/company. You can network and ask for introductions, but a more effective way is to offer your services for free.

By delivering free workshops, presentations or coaching sessions the door is re-opened. Once opened you can create demand for your services, as demand increases, due to the business seeing great results, you gain the position to charge for your services.

I have often took this approach, often delivering free workshops and then charging participants if they require one to one coaching




Step 5 High End Extras 


As a coach, time is money. Most coaches offer one to one sessions, which means you can only coach (and receive an income) one client at a time. When marketing your coaching business you may use incentives to increase starts; free 1 hr consultation, unlimited e-mail support – but all this takes time away from the coach and time is money.

Instead offer a high-end extra. An example of this is creating a 12 x 1 hr coaching video series. This can be offered as a chargeable product on your website but this same expensive product can be given away for free to anyone who books the “Gold Coaching Package” With a pre-recorded video series it doesn’t matter how many people buy it, as it doesn’t take any physical time away from you and your coaching business



Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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