The 3 Laws to Influence the Interview

The 3 Laws to Influence the Interview

Job interviews and public speaking are often ranked more fearful then spiders, heights and death! That’s right, people are scared more by a 45 minute job interview, a situation where you talk about yourself, than actually dying.


This fear, along with a lack of preparation and an absence of a unique selling point is why people fail job interviews.



I was once told that the best applicant always get the job. This simply isn’t true, in actual fact the best candidate, the applicant with the most experience and the best skills, doesn’t get the job, it’s the best interviewee who is always offered the position.



These 3 laws to influence the interview will boost your chance of interview success. Interview success increases career progression, career salary and career satisfaction



“In every aspect of life, have a game plan, and then do your best to achieve it” Alan Kulwicki




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Influence the Interview Law 1 Command Confidence

A lack of confidence creates fear, anxiety and at its worse creates interview phobias. To be successful in the job interview you need to command your confidence. The nervous interview can’t focus, struggles communicating their skills and comes across as weak, pathetic and undesirable.



Self -confidence creates charisma and charms the interviewer. People listen, respect and follow the lead of the confident orator. Create confidence and the interviewer will be putty in your hands; everything you say will be taken as red, each answer will be filtered through a positive frame and the interviewer will want to be in your presence



These 5 steps will turn your nerves into confidence



Step 1Think about your next job interview, as you imagine the job interview you will, if you are fearful of the job interview, create a negative interview movie in your minds eye, where you look stupid, say the wrong thing and come across badly

Step 2Focus on the negative feeling in your body, notice how this feeling moves inside of you and imagine you can see the negative emotion as a spinning colour – what colour is your negative emotion?

Step 3 Push the spinning feeling outside of you, so you can imagine seeing the feeling in front of your body

Step 4Flip the spinning feeling back on itself, so it spins in the opposite direction and spin it faster and faster until it changes colour

Step 5Put this new feeling, this new spinning colour back inside yourself and spin it faster and faster until you can feel the confidence growing stronger and stronger




“Don’t be imprisoned or enslaved by the darkness of other people’s opinions, free yourself and embrace the power of living in the light” Mark James




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Influence the Interview Law 2 Delve into Desire

We want more for our money, we are motivated to buy by additional bonuses and we always want what we can’t have. These are the secrets that businesses use to influence us to spend our hard earned cash, and you can use the same psychology to manipulate the interviewer


All applicants offered a job interview have met the job criteria and all have an equal chance of a job offer, unless you can create desire. You need to be seen as a valuable assist, a diamond in the rough, a lucky find.


It simply isn’t good enough to be an experienced, qualified and skilled worker – you need a unique selling point, to be a sector expert and an authority in your line of work. You should always ask what value can you add that others can’t? And then embedded this unique selling point throughout your interview.


Imagine you are an expert at turning around under-performing companies on the brink of closure, a business in this situation, would have no choice but to employ you.



Build upon your success; state your unique selling point, share past accomplishments and explain how you can implement this selling point to positively affect production, profit, overhead cost and then take it away from them!


We are motivated to buy because of scarcity; we pay more for a unique item and desire products that are rare. In the job interview create desire and then destroy their hopes by explaining at the interview end how you have been offered a position with their competitor and that you are tempted by their offer as this will double their desire to hire you.



“If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time – a tremendous whack.” Winston Churchill


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Influence the Interview Law 3 Intrigue the Interviewer


Possessing confidence and having a unique selling point is good, but it’s not enough to win high paid job offers.


Interviewers interview all day, many don’t attend interview training sessions and interviewers I have interviewed repeatedly tell me how they easily become bored in the job interview, ignoring what people are saying, day dreaming when they should be listening and being put off applicants because their answers lack any real emotional impact



To win more job offers the interview has to be interested in what you have to say, they have to be intrigued about your unique selling point and you have to create suspense in your interview answer


The secret to influencing the job interview is getting the employer emotionally involved in you and your interview answers. Your end game should be to create a “gut feeling” in the employer, so they want to hire you without knowing why.


Build on your confidant state and unique selling point by structuring your interview answers to have maximum impact using these 3 steps



Step 1 – Answer the question in the first sentence; when asked a question many interviewees mumble, urm and argh, and worst, they will let slip their lack of experience “..ow when was the last time I did that?…” “…whats that again?.. “…I work more alone then within a team…”


Whatever question you are asked, state that you are an expert in it, or at worst that you possess said skill “Yes, I have over 15 years’ experience in X…” The employer will only ask questions relating to the job criteria they require, if they ask a question about a skill, they want to know that you possess this skill.



Step 2 – Create Intrigue; Use a real example rather than stating facts to give evidence to your opening line. When using a story create intrigue by building up suspense ….an example of this is when I saved the MDs life while landing a multi-million pound contract….This opening line to your real life example changes the employer’s emotional state and like any good cliff-hanger, the employer is dying to hear your story



Step 3 – Show Value; Interviewers are more motivated to hire you if you can show how you will impact their business in the future, rather than discussing past successes. 90% of interviewees frame their interview answers and selling points in the past. This is fine to an extent, but what really has an emotional impact is when you explain how this skill/experience/unique selling point will impact their productivity, overheads and profit “…once I’m offered the position I would use this system in your business to X……which will result in Y


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