How to Become a Life Coach Without Certification

How to Become a Life Coach Without Certification


Anyone will the passion, skills and ambition can become a life coach – you don’t need certification


A life coach is a person who coaches a client through questions, reflection and motivational techniques  to help a client to overcome their personal barrier to achieve their goals.


There are no regulations governing this industry which means that any certificate your receive from  a training course doesn’t stand up to anything . The companies who offer life coach certification qualify coaches to their own standards, for some this is a money making scheme others are passionate about their coaches having a particular standard.

Should You Attend a Coaching Course?


I would recommend a coaching course if you are new to the techniques used by coaches.


A coaching course will allow you to practice and master your coaching skills. If you already possess the skills and knowledge to coach others, say you have worked in the careers advice, training and management sectors, you may already possess the experience to become a coach without having to pay for an expensive course


Experience teaches you more then any coaching course


To become a coach you need:

  • the knowledge and ability to coach clients
  • a passion for wanting to help others
  • you need to have a coaching niche (career coaching, motivational coaching, business coaching, etc)
  • a website to market your service – easy to set up, see “coaching business in a box”
  • time and commitment – most coaches start as a PT coach



coaching business in a box




Benefits of Being a Self Employed Life Coach:

  • Get paid for helping people achieve their goals
  • Become your own boss and work from home
  • Work the hours you want to work
  • Make a real difference in peoples lives
  • Work from home; full time or part time


You Could Have Booked Your First Coaching Client By This Time Tomorrow


You may want a part time or full time business?


I don’t know what has inspired you to become a Life Coach, but The Coaching Business in a Box will give you the tools and expertise to be one of the few highly successful coaches; You Will…


  • Learn the Secrets of Internet Marketing – increase hits to your website, double your referrals and make more money helping clients
  • Become a Specialist Coach – earn more money, increase your referrals to starts and become a world wide expert, and become a guest authors on coaching sites
  • Increase Your Coaching Tool Box – learn new techniques using NLP, Solution Focus and Life Coaching (Recieve Over 101 Coaching Tools and 101 Coaching Questions); learn which exercise is the best suited for each clients problem and have planned interventions (knowing what techniques suits which issue)


The Benefits of Being a Coach


  • A coaching business has few overheads; this means you can start earning money without having to pay anything out
  • 90% of your earnings are profit; coaches earn a massive percentage of profit from each client
  • Booking a coach is on the rise; with an increase in sporting professionals and celebrities booking coaches, there has been an increase in public bookings across all coaching niches – are you missing out on potential clients?
  • You can work as a coach from your home; many coaches work from home, some coaches deliver face to face sessions, group sessions, telephone sessions, skype session or e-mail sessions
  • Many coaches make money through advertising on their website; companies pay popular websites for advertising space and you can make even more money selling peoples products as an affiliate




  • You Can Start Your Coaching Business Today; the coaching business in a box will give you the tools and knowledge to set your business up in one day
  • Rank on Google Page One in 15 Minutes; my expert internet marketing team has shared how to be seen at the top of Google within 15 minutes
  • Increase Your Coaching Tool Box; you will receive all my best coaching techniques allowing you to help all your clients including NLP Techniques for Super-fast Results, Solution Focus for Positive Outcomes and Unknown Life Coaching Tools


FACT: There are some very good coaches out there that don’t make any money. To be a successful coach, you need to have a passion for helping which you already have and we will teach you how to market yourself, how to manipulate the internet, how to sell your services and how to make money.


3 Key Facts That Every Coach Needs to Know


  • Internet is King: You will only survive in this competitive field if you have a good internet presence
  • Expert coaches gain more referrals: once seen as an expert in your niche, will increase your client bookings because people trust experts
  • Having a list of techniques increases the amount of clients you can help: with 101 coaching techniques you will learn how to help a number of people with a wide range of barriers and problems


Coaching Business in a Box


Business Start Up E-Book Was £59.99


Business Start Up

  • Understand how to turn Life Coaching in to a well paid Business
  • How to start a coaching business on the cheap
  • Get a website that you can edit, make money on and monitor hits for vertically free
  • Become a website marketer, learn how to make money on your website, how to create intrigue and how to be seen as a professional coach
  • Learn how to increase retention on your website
  • Master the art of creating a ‘list’ that you can e-mail on a regular basis to sell more products
  • Understand the coaching regulations that govern this industry
  • How to take payments online securely and cheaply


Google Destroyer E-Book Was £79.99

Google Destroyer

  • How to get free Google Ads
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  • Learn how to manipulate Google with WordPress
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  • Learn the psychology of sales
  • Make money while you sleep with Google Adsends (No Work Involved)


The Expert Coach E-Book Was £59.99

the expert coach

  • Be seen as an expert and triple your income
  • Master the little known secrets to get quoted in high ranking websites and well known magazines
  • Become a Niche within a Niche and increase your conversion rate
  • Get other bloggers to link to you increasing your traffic and profits
  • Let Google do the hard for for you
  • Exploit Facebook and Twitter to make more money


101 Coaching Techniques Was £199.99

101 coaching techniques

  • 101 Coaching Techniques designed with your clients in mind. And I will also give you 101 Coaching Questions for FREE
  • Proven NLP Mind Hack Techniques for Rapid Results
    The Coaching Classics; Wheel of Life, Image Board, GROW, Daily Diary and Changing Limiting Beliefs
  • Advances Sessions; Fast Phobia Cure, Solution Focus Coaching Questions, Coaching Strategies , Submodalities, Hopes and Fears and The Swish Technique
  • Pre-session techniques to prepare your clients for coaching
  • Homework sessions to keep clients motivated and moving forward
  • Undiscovered coaching techniques created from the best therapist to created rapid results in a short period of time


A successful Life coach armed with a list of techniques and an in-depth understanding of internet marketing can make hundreds, even thousands of pounds a day. Coaches often charged between £50-£180 per session. Expert coaches will often charge £300-£400 per session, and I will add this package will teach you how to become an expert coach quickly helping you increase your fees, making you more money and more successful



Total Cost £199

Today Price £100

Special Deal



ONLY £39.99


If you charge £80 per session and you only book 5 clients a week, that’s a total of £400 which means potentially you can be making a high profit within weeks of starting your business

YES that’s right; You Can Pay For This Package With Your Profits Within a Week of Purchasing This Amazing Offer

coaching business in a box

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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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coaching business in a box

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101 coaching techniques

Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching in Didsbury is easily located for people living in and around Stockport, Manchester, Tameside, Chorlton and Didsbury, as we are just off the M60

7 thoughts on “How to Become a Life Coach Without Certification

  1. I have a desire to become a life councillor becouse most times i advice people and they tell me ,my advice helped them most specially married couples and i really enjoy this . I want to open my own office and give help my people but gatt no certificate ,how can i do this and if am to study for a certificate what subjects do i take ? Am in Namibia north side

    1. To become a Councillor rather then a “coach” you would need to get a qualification in counselling by a registered body. There are pro’s and con’s for both professions, review each option before you choose which career path to follow. Good luck

  2. Mr. Delaney, I am interested in your books, however, the price is advertised pounds and I live in Georgia..Could you give me some info on how much this would be in dollars…? Thanks

    1. Hi Jimmie, thank you for getting in contact. The book is available on all online book shops including amazon and the price will convert into your local currency

      I hope this helps


  3. I have a Associate Degree in Behavioral Science because I grew up in poverty and had a very rough life. Im now 47 and long to help people. A lot of family and friends come to me for advice and motivation. I absolutely love helping others. Would you advise me on whether to start coaching or not?

    1. Hi Kari

      First think about the different type of jobs from psychologist to coach where you can help others. Also think about the type of client you would like to support and match the job role/client together – this should help you decide if coaching is an option for you

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