3 Steps for Real Self Development

3 Steps For Real Self Development 

If you are reading this blog then you will be interested in self-development.


Self development is a process for improving your own skills, abilities and your character.  There are many ways to develop yourself, each step you take can improve different aspects of your life.


Many people to develop themselves will read self development books or attend self development seminars, hoping that the teachings they receive will solve their problems and create change.


Often the book or seminar isn’t enough, these 3 steps to real self development are EASY to implement and will create real self development



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Step 1 for Real Self Development


Embrace the fear

Making change, personal change, is scary but this isn’t the fear i’m talking about.

Many people interested in self development invest in amazing seminars, brilliant workshops and pay to listen to great motivational speakers. The techniques they hear, not only impress but have actual impact.

During the workshop, you the attendee, are highly impressed, motivated and inspired, you walk out like a changed person.

Within days though the excitement wears off and you fall into old habits. As you realise this, you have a choice “should I use the technique I was taught?”

The thought of trying something new, outside the comfort of the training seminar, is scary. The thought of getting it wrong, the worry of others laughing at you and the inside critic telling you “you’re not good enough” creates so much perceived pain that it is easier to go back to old ways.

Action – breakthrough this pain, you desired change which is why you paid for a self development session, embrace this change as you only get new results from new actions




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Step 2 for Real Self Development


Don’t be the best in your social group, in fact be the worst!


As you develop yourself, your confidence will increase, your self esteem will be through the roof and your social skills are at an all time high. It is easy at this stage to become the envy of your social group. Others impressed with your new founded confidence and skill base, ask how they themselves can develop.


Happy to share your skills, you help, mentor and develop others. This happens with personal skills and will taught skills; science, mathematics, creativity, literature, history, sport, cooking or whatever your  expertise is (or the groups common interest)


To really develop yourself at a heighten rate you need to find a group where you are not the expert, where others have more knowledge and experience. Initially the transfer will highlight your own areas of development, you may feel weak, insecure or you may want to return to your original group, back to a position of power.


Action – Don’t give into temptation and stay put.  By emerging yourself into an expert group you will accelerate your own skills and knowledge, simply by being involved. If you ask questions, gain a mentor and embrace the experts perspectives your learning will increase to a higher level then you would have ever achieved in a group where you are the expert and others naturally develop to your level.


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Step 3 for Real Self Development


Step back and reflect


The key to self development, no matter if you attend training seminars, read books or have a mentor, is to stop, take stock of your life and reflect.


Action – Look at what is working, what you need to develop and observe your interactions, communications, approach, state, resources,  interactions and become aware if everything. This is the key to becoming the best you, even when you are successful continue to self reflect and you will always continue to develop and improve


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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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