Why Chasing The Money Never Works Out

 Why Chasing The Money Never Works Out


As a coach I meet people from all walks off life who want to make a change, who have their own unique goal, when I ask their ultimate long-term aim, many people want to be financially successful, as they believe that money = success, happiness and a cure all from any problem they may currently face.




Money is great. If you have it you can buy a bigger house, a nicer car and you can go on more holidays. Most people who are successful do increase their salary, become rich and a few have more money then they can spend.


Now, I’m not going to say that poor people are happier then rich people, because that simply isn’t true. People who live their life plan, this may or may not include financial stability, are the happiest as they are living the life they desire.


When setting goals it is easy to get distracted and focus on the money rather then the initial goal, that long term would produce a bigger salary, a higher income or make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.


To be success financially you need to stay focus, and follow your goals not the quick buck….and here’s why.


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Focus on Money or Focus on Your Goal?


I coach a lot of new coaches to set up a coaching business.


At the start many wannabe coaches  focus on wanting to make a difference with their clients lives. They dream of having a career where everyday they meet new people, solve their problems and help them achieve their goals


Often, within a short period of time, these same coaches who started out wanting to help others, change their focus to their income, after all coaching as a career needs to pay the bills. This change in focus can kill your coaching business


With a focus on helping others, you will have passion, a desire to learn and you will feel that you are adding value to other peoples lives. With time you learn new skills, tweak your techniques and eventually start getting better and better results for your clients


These results, this desire to help others pays off, as your reputation and business increases, the money pours in without you having to focus on it.


When you focus only on the money, you may start to feel bad. Not because you are charging your clients, you need to do this to create a successful business, but because your focus has moved away from the thing you value, helping people.


Your fear of not making enough money may make you do out of character tactics; asking a client to attend an additional un-required session,  you may take on clients you are not skilled to help, or hard sell additional products.


The chasing the money attitude will grate against your own values and goals – helping others



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Always Wanting More


A focus on money feeds your greed.


Once you fall into the trap of focusing on money, you starting chasing the cash, trying to beat last months financial performance. This money game can kill your motivation as you always want more, £X is never enough


Because you always want more you never feel fulfilled. Coaches who focus on helping people are motivated by the difference they make in peoples lives. These same people spread the word without you having to ask, because they believe in you as a supportive coach. With word of mouth, money naturally falls at your feet.




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Why Do You Want The Money Anyway?


When you enter a “caring” sector job, you are often motivated by the difference you can make in someones life.  This is your passion, your reason for being.


We all like to be seen by others as successful. You know at some point, someone will ask you “how is your coaching business going?” This desire to be seen as successful from others comes at a price.


We believe that money = success, but your financial status is meaningless. Potential clients don’t wonder how much money you have, they want to know if you can help them overcome their barriers and achieve their goals.


When you are asked about your coaching business you should be reply by stating how you are helping people change their lives, not how much you charge per hour




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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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