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Why Everyone is Waiting For Someone Else to Go First

Do you want to be successful?


Do you want to be a millionaire? An author? A business leader? The inventor of a new technology, popular app or the creator of a piece of software that will surprise everyone? Maybe, you want to be an inspiration to others, an artist, coach or public speaker?


During your lifetime you have, like many people, had that intuitive moment when you an idea springs to mind, an idea that could change the world, that could solve a crises or make you lots of money. But it is in this moment that you start to doubt “will it work?” “what will others think?” “will people criticise me?”


This negative self talk stops you in your tracks. Months, even years later you see your potential product (or something similar) come to market. Why did I wait for someone else to go first?





You Seek Validation


We all know that people like what they know.


If you idea is a new perspective, a new technology, people doubt your suggestion. Even is the product is a success you know that some reviews will be bad.


Many of us are so concerned how others will view our ideas that we don’t let anyone know about them. We often think let someone else go first, if they get praise then I can jump on the bandwagon.


If you always worry about what other people will think you will never take any action. If your goal is to be more confident, to talk on stage to apply for a promotion this same concern can stop you in your tracks.


The truth is, most people don’t have an opinion. For the ones that do there is an equal number of for and against for most ideas. If you research successful people you will find that many common every day gadgets that we use, were first, at the ideas stage labelled rubbish.


You need to see past other peoples limiting view points. They don’t have your imagination, your insight, your knowledge. If you truly believe in something, you simply have to go for it







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Don’t Waste Time




As well as worrying what others think, our own internal critic can demotivate us.


Once websites become the new big thing during the .com bubble everyone wanted one. Prior to this, some thought about creating a website to market products. They generated a good idea, created a positive perspective and look into online marketing.


When looking at goals we often weigh up the time/duration against the outcome. So much luck comes into success that often this formula is wrongly balanced. If we tell ourselves that we could be wasting time our motivation dies a slow death.


You do want to weigh up your options. But a certain point you simply need to take action. Overthinking leads to procrastination. The lucky few who created a website early have found high levels of success, it was only then that others, who had looked into this potential market join up.


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High Risk


Stockbrokers will tell to buy when people are selling or sell when people are buying


What happens in reality is that people see that others are selling and become scared, so they sell too. With all goals there is a risk, especially if your goal needs financial backing or if you quit your job to pursue a new career


If when your goal is to increase confidence when public speaking, the risk is that you could embarrass yourself


Every so often you need to weigh the risk against the gains. If you follow what others are doing (selling when they sell, not getting on stage because other people decline the opportunity) you will get the same results.


Successful people are the Sheppard not the sheep. The look at the same option from a variety of perspectives. Sometimes the best option is to follow the crowd, but they only take this choice once they have analysed the situation. But often this indifference to following the crowd allows them to see something that others don’t, to find opportunity when people thought there was none.


How many times have you wished that you bought a stock at a certain price or you attend an event that led to someone else you know to be grated a life changing opportunity. Hindsight is a wonderful perspective but you need to live in the here and now and take opportunities as they are presented for you


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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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