Evolve the Mind Follow the 7 Rules for Success

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 Evolve the Mind Follow the 7 Rules for Success 



Our species first wandered the plains of Africa as potential food for predators, the higher species. We couldn’t compete physically against Lions, packs of Hyenas, Tigers or any other large predator, in fact, the ancestral human fell prey to many carnivorous animals.


Evolution changed our physiology, we moved from walking on both our legs and knuckles, as modern day apes do, to standing upright, on two feet. We grew taller, shedded the hair from our bodies and the brain increased in size, giving the ancestral human the advantage.


Various branches of humans evolved with minor differences. For modern man this evolution was focused in the brain. Evolution changed the primeval human by evolving the brain, giving the human creativity, perspective and analytical skills.


Before long humans were living at the top of the food chain, swapping caves for skyscraping apartments. They had swapped simple stone tools for computers. Even with all these historical successes and with the natural evolution of the mind, we still haven’t conquered ourselves; people still suffer with anxiety, depression, low self-worth, phobias, insecurities and deep levels of sadness. We have conquered the world but we haven’t mastered our own emotions.


These 7 rules below will teach you how to evolve your mind



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Rule 1 – Control the 2 Headed Beast



The Two Headed Beast

Rule One – Control the Beast

I want you to picture a criminal.

Is this criminal male or female?

This time think about a bad driver – was you bad driver male, female or elderly? A sunday driver?

Your experiences, beliefs as well as external influences such as the media influence your mind to make automatic opinions, stereotypes and allow you to react without thinking.

Shout your answer out to this simple question. What is the answer to this sum 2 + 2 =

See how you knew the answer without having to work it out?

What if I asked you to work out 274 x 23, this larger sum requires more concentration, more focus, more time. If I asked you to describe the clothes you wore last Tuesday, would you know intuitively what you wore or would you first have to think about, work it out?

The mind is like a two headed beast; one beast is our habitable mind, the part of the brain the reacts without you having to think, the part of the brain that responds emotionally. The other head of the two headed beast, is the analytical brain that uses reason and consciously decides slowly how to respond to the outside world.

The right headed beast works best for repetitive task, when you need to react without thinking, as an example ducking out of the way when a ball is accidentally thrown in your direction, or when you need to make a quick decision.

When attempting to learn a new skill, when breaking the pattern of a routine or when you need to analyze a choice, the left headed  logical beast works best.

We have evolve the two headed beast to make the best choice in any given situation, but the two headed beast can also make poor choices. The right headed beast can create an instantaneous phobia of a non threatening insect or the left headed beast can over analyze a simple task creating procrastination.

Take control of your two headed beast. When you have an unwanted automated reaction to a stimulus use the left headed beast to analyze your options and make a logical choice

If you overthink, procrastinate or struggle to make choice due to too many options, allow your right headed emotional mind to quickly make sense of everything to create choices through gut feelings


Rule 2 – Develop the System


The System

Rule Two – Develop the System

When confronted with a new situation or stimulus, your mind ask the question “how do I respond?” and searches for a frame of reference. A frame of reference, or emotional response, comes from the most relevant frame of reference your mind can find.  One example, most people can relate to is being asked to speak publicly as an adult. The only frame of reference, for many, in this situation, is the negative experience of being asked to read romeo and juliet in front of your classmates, only to be ridiculed.

A new experience, such as your first job interview offer, follows this same process. Your mind creates an association; job interview = public speaking, public speaking experience = romeo and juliet, which is associated to anxiety and fear.

To develop the system, you need to associate new behaviours to a stimulus. Train the brain; think about a situation, a stimulus that has an automatic response that you want to evolve.   With a phobic or deep fear, this associated feeling can be instantaneous, overloading the emiglia in your brain. This is the right headed beast running on autopilot.

To develop the system you need to break the loop by interrupting the habit. This is as easy as focusing on a deep breath. With the loop broken you can insert a new process, an outcome you desire. Maybe this is being able to look at your once phobic stimulus with the feeling and confidence and calmness. By creating a new habit, pattern or response in the emotional brain, it becomes an automated system, acting without thinking, your frame of reference for a stimulus such as public speaking evolves from fear to one of you communicating with confidence.


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Rule 3 – Create Positive Focus


Fear Focus

Rule Three – Create Positive Focus

A single fear can be highly limiting, but often a fear, through association, continues to evolve and often a phobic will associate their anxiety from one stimulus to a second; their fear of talking to strangers evolves into a fear of stepping out of the house

An arachnophobia will see a spider, the amygdala in the limbic brain sends an emotional fear response to the body, the neocortex brain backs up the fear with evidence; the spider is walking towards us (often the perspective is an enlarged version of the stimulus), this increases the fear response in the amygdala, creating a cycle until you, in most cases, run away. In many instances this can be lifesaving, for you none arachnophobes replace spider with a lion or man with gun.

It is here that you need to access the left headed beast, use his analytical skills to create choice. Look at the same thought from a disassociated perspective and contrast the intensity of the two perspectives. This creates conscious choice,   you can choose a new positive focus or you can continue to do as you always have done, and get the same result. If you want a new result, a new outcome, do something different, create positive focus


Rule 4 – Choose Your Perspective


Rule Four – Choose Your Perspective

What you focus on you feel. Perspective is everything; a glass half full or a glass half empty makes you feel a different emotion, creating a different reaction to the same stimulus.

When a doctor recommends a particular medicine or pill we accept their authority without question – the right headed beast automatically responds to authority. By questioning the doctor using the left headed beast, you may find that the side effects outway the benefits or asking for other options, you may find a medicine more appropriate for your condition, one that is more expensive which is the reason the doctor didn’t first prescribe it.

To learn, to develop, to evolve your  mind, you need to immerse yourself into the life you desire. Read the books, listen to the experts, surround yourself with others who share your goal. Create a life around your aspirations and everything you do, see and hear will only help you, even at the intuitive level, to achieve your goal, the life you desire.

Once your life is full of the thing you desire; positivity, excitement, joy or even physical desires; living in a certain style of house, owning a particular make of car, attending nice restaurants, you will create more ambition. Choose the people you associate with carefully, as a mood-vampire – an individual who walks in the room and sucks the positive atmosphere from it, can kill your ambition and pass on their negative mood to you, like an airborne disease, after spending just a short time in your presence. Your mind replicates other people’s emotions through mirror neurons; simply looking at someone who is sad creates a feeling of sadness in you. Surround yourself with people who are happy and their joy will rub off on you.


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Rule 5 – Reprogramme the Machine

The Learning Machine

Rule Five – Reprogramme the Machine

We can take any skill we have learnt consciously and become a master of it. The world is full masters who have dedicated their lives to their passion. It is often quoted that to become an authority in any sector or skill you first need to complete over 10,000 hours of practice. What isn’t explained in this quote, is the proportion of required time from the 10,000 hours  used to make errors, to reflect and to learn from your mistakes. Some people are master communicators, sports professionals, wordsmiths, songwriters, artist, engineers, army commanders, olympians, chefs, dancers, authors, poets,  parents. To live your life to the full you need to find your passion and master it.

Each new skill goes through four steps of learning; not knowing you can’t do a task, until you are invited to take part in the stated activity. As you are taught the desired skill, you are conscious of your underdeveloped skills in this area, until at a certain point, you start to make progress. You achieve a selective part of the task, through concentration and conscious action.  As you continue to practice, make mistakes, get it right – sometimes through pure luck, you move into the final stage, you start to complete this action without having to concentrate on the task, it has become a subconscious action, the right headed beast completes this task without conscious thought.

Changing your life isn’t a case of a hard or easy choice. The motivation for change comes from the reason you desire change. If the reason for the change is more painful than the pain of the mistakes you make and the hours of practice you have to put in, then you will create determination. If you believe that you will be more fulfilled without the effort you will simply give up. This why successful people enjoy the journey to their goal, they enjoy the process of change, they see that their effort and mistakes pay off as their learning increases. With each increased learning, you are one more step towards your desired goal, your life plan, and further away from the life you want to leave behind.


Rule 6 – Construct the Perfect Plan

Life Plan

Rule Six – Construct the Perfect Plan

Each individual has their own life plan, a plan of how their life should be lived. For some their life plan is subconscious and is created from the beliefs and rules friends, family, colleagues, peers and society put on them, in this sense, the right headed beast which has been influenced externally through experiences, is running automatically. Others, at some point during their life, often in adulthood, consciously choose their life plan. The left headed beast reflecting on their life to date, decides they need to make a change, break the rules that have governed them and to live life differently. A life plan is your perspective on how you should live your life on a daily basis. Your life plan may consist of your career status, a desired income, your health, social activities, the type of house you live in, the number of children you have, your hobbies, your friendship groups, your values, your identity, what you consider important, the number of holidays you go on each year, your desired level of confidence, stress and happiness and even your bank balance or your approach to finances.

Your life plan is similar to your career plan. Your career choice, as an example, is to be a project manager, but you will also have additional criteria that is important to you then the desired position . Once employed you may find that the company you work for doesn’t fulfill you career expectations; the job role matches your personality, skills, strengths and career ambitions, but the way the company operates does’nt match your temperament, values and beliefs. After a period of job searching you are hired in the same position by a competitive company who operate differently, within weeks you have massive job satisfaction, knowing that you have found your idea employer and position.

If you are unfulfilled with part of your life, take a step back and reflect on the different areas in your life. Use self-reflection to check in which areas of your life you are not fulfilled in.  Why aren’t you happy, what don’t you like, what isn’t meeting your life plan? To achieve your life plan you need to make new changes to your life, find new strategies, in some cases to find new relationships and social groups, to set a new structure for yourself, new rules to guide your life. Alternatively you can change your life plan. Create a new plan to live your life by. This doesn’t mean you simply change your life plan to the actual life you are living now, as this life isn’t making you happy.


Rule 7 – Turn the Light-bulb On


Hidden in Darkness

Rule Seven – Turn the Lightbulb On

Throughout the day we are often in conscious thought, allowing the left headed beast  to analyse the immediate data to help us make the best choice, at the same time the right headed beast is playing out our habits, routines and automated responses like a well rehearsed play. When filled with anxiety and worry, your left headed beast won’t turn off, and will repeatedly associate the worry to the thought and stimulus, creating a new negative frame of reference. Allowing yourself time  to relax, meditate, to drift in and out of thought, frees your mind of the internal critic, allowing you to subconsciously process everything, while having focus on your lifeplan or a particular goal, objective or problem. In this relaxed state, with no conscious thought, new ideas to solve problems, to achieve outcomes can pop into conscious thought.

You need to turn off the left headed beast through a strategy that allows you to relax. Without conscious thought, the right headed beast will make sense of the overload of information that you are digesting and creates your light bulb moment. This creativity won’t always be the result you desire, but it will create a new perspective, a new idea, a new suggestion to work on. Some innovative thoughts you can test and dismiss, others such as Issac Newton understanding gravity by watching an apple fall from a tree, will be creative genious. Your right headed beast instantaneously puts all the pieces of the puzzle, gathered by the left headed beast, together for this first time, creating a perspective to the problem that you haven’t thought about before.   If you allow the left headed beast to overthink, to worry, causing stress, the right headed beast won’t access the desired creativity.

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