Manchester Fringe 2019 Comedy

Has mankind learnt from the lessons of history?

The current understanding about the evolution of humans comes from evidence based on archaeological digs. The artefacts and bone fragments that are uncovered are examined and educated guesses are based on these finds. Scientist have a rudimentary idea about human evolution but there are large gaps in their understanding. Adam – the history of man, will bring back to life Adam, the first human. Adam will evolve in front of your eyes from ape-man to early settler, from a Roman Solider to modern day man. The play asks the fundamental question – has man learnt from the lessons of history?

Delaney Productions presents Adam – the history of man. A comedy duologue for the Manchester Fringe Festival. 22nd-23rd July 7:30 Kings Arms Salford

Professor Peter Potty Pots has created the ‘resorector’ – a DNA reconstruction machine. By taking DNA cells from the fragment of the bones of our long since deceased ancestors, the professor is able to recreate and bring back to life, the first human. Yes, that is correct, Evolutionary man will speak directly to you, the audience. You will hear how man lived and evolved directly from the mouth of one of our actual ancestors.

“Humanities past creates their future. As a modern sociality enjoying the pleasures of wealth, technology and an abundance of free time, you would believe that we no longer make the mistakes our recent ancestors did. Humans have evolved. Have our ancestors taught us any lessons?” Christopher Delaney – writer and director.

Christopher Delaney is a published author and motivational speaker. Growing up in Manchester as a dyslexic teenager Chris struggled academically. Delaney has evolved his mind to push himself to take on new challenges without letting his dyslexia hold him back, from writing published books to scripting his debut play Adam – the history of man.

Prior to writing the play, Chris asked local Manchester residents the questions modern-day man would ask their ancestors if they could bring back to life early man. He has used these questions to direct the perspective of play.

Adam – the history of man. A comedy duologue for The Manchester Fringe Festival.

22nd-23rd July 2019 7:30pm Kings Arms Salford

£10 per ticket

Director, Writer, Producer: Chris Delaney

Dramaturge: Sam Lowe.

Actors: Ed Hall, Danny Riley

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