Anxiety Advice

Its Hard to Know Where to look for Anxiety advice Did you know that over 8 million people suffer with anxiety in UK with women being twice as likely to have anxiety than men (Source: anxiety in the UK) On average 4-10% in the UK will experience depression (source: depression in UK) and that 1 … Continue reading Anxiety Advice

how to help yourself to overcome your anxiety

Anxiety tricks your Mind into believing your life is in danger Anxiety is much more than being 'worried' about a situation. People without anxiety simply don't understand the feeling you get when you feel anxious and will try to encourage you by saying "don't worry about it" or "can't you just try" and the classic … Continue reading how to help yourself to overcome your anxiety

The Self Esteem Starter Plan

Free download Your self-esteem is the confidence you have in your own self worth and abilities, your self-love. To help you improve your self-esteem you can download for FREE the Self Esteem Starter Plan Good Luck Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, … Continue reading The Self Esteem Starter Plan

Why You Only Need To Improve By 1%

Personal Success I meet lots of people who want to make a big change to their life; from being heavily overweight to being thin; being highly anxious to wanting instant confidence; from poor to rich; from sadness to joy; from being introverted to being more extrovert. Having a life plan - a vision for how … Continue reading Why You Only Need To Improve By 1%

10 Questions To Keep You Motivated During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Staying Inside Can kill your motivation  It is great to see everyone sticking together and following the social distancing rules. But for many people, being at home 24/7 is a motivational killer. Just because we are at home doesn't mean we can allow our motivation to decline, as many of us still have duties to … Continue reading 10 Questions To Keep You Motivated During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Manchester Fringe 2019 Comedy

Has mankind learnt from the lessons of history? The current understanding about the evolution of humans comes from evidence based on archaeological digs. The artefacts and bone fragments that are uncovered are examined and educated guesses are based on these finds. Scientist have a rudimentary idea about human evolution but there are large gaps in … Continue reading Manchester Fringe 2019 Comedy

Ted X Coach Shares Confidence Secrets

Click Here   Danny Riley Ted X Coach, Speaker and Trainer As a confidence coach I am on the constant search for confident and charismatic individuals to model. There are two types of people I admire in terms of confidence - Actors and Publis Speakers. Today I have the privilege of interviewing Danny Riley a … Continue reading Ted X Coach Shares Confidence Secrets