Your First Terrifying Speech

Click Here   I wanted to die I wanted to escape I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole   I was stood  stuck on stage in front of 100 people on Christmas eve. For some unknown reason I had been asked to deliver an inspiring speech to the delegation.   I … Continue reading Your First Terrifying Speech

Create Emotional Control

Click Here       Do you feel out of control? Do allow your emotions to control your behavior? Do you want the power back to be in charge of how you feel?   Create clever emotional control and cleverly control your emotions. Imagine being able to wake up on the wrong-side of the bed … Continue reading Create Emotional Control

Why Wait for Weight Loss

Click Here   A new year, a new start?   Why do you wait for a new year to set a new goal? We want the timing to be right for a big change, but a big change doesn't happen because the timing is right.   The new year creates a common set of goals … Continue reading Why Wait for Weight Loss

Live Life Dont Outlive Your Life

Click Here   Live Life, Don't Outlive Your Life   Life is short Life is fleeting Life can be taken away within a blink of the eye, with a click of the fingers   Life isn't lived in the past, life isn't lived in the future, this moment is life. Right now. Not tomorrow, not … Continue reading Live Life Dont Outlive Your Life

Increase Confidence

Click Here     Confidence. Can you increase confidence? Could you be a the one person in the group, that confident person, other people want to be like?       Increase Confidence      Confidence is a state, an emotional state. You feel different emotional states throughout the day. At one point your happy, … Continue reading Increase Confidence

The Principle of the Two Headed Beast

Click Here   The Mind Learns The Mind Thinks The Mind Evolves   There are seven rules to evolve your mind. They are based around the principle of the two headed beast           The Two Headed Beast - part 1     The story goes that in accident times there was … Continue reading The Principle of the Two Headed Beast

Different Ways to Become an Inspiring Leader

Click Here           Different Ways to Become an Inspiring Leader   Whether you’re a small business owner, a football coach, a team captain of a sports team a project manager or just looking to change your life around, becoming an inspiring leader that people look up to is a rewarding lifestyle … Continue reading Different Ways to Become an Inspiring Leader