Ted X Coach Shares Confidence Secrets

Click Here   Danny Riley Ted X Coach, Speaker and Trainer As a confidence coach I am on the constant search for confident and charismatic individuals to model. There are two types of people I admire in terms of confidence - Actors and Publis Speakers. Today I have the privilege of interviewing Danny Riley a … Continue reading Ted X Coach Shares Confidence Secrets

Confidence Breakthrough Course

Click Here   Project Charisma have launched a new Confidence Course in Manchester!   An immersive workshop designed to remove anxiety and limiting-beliefs, build self-confidence, develop powerful communication skills and get you speaking as the most confident version of yourself. – with expert guidance from three coaches The course has 3 industry experts that will help you master your inner … Continue reading Confidence Breakthrough Course

3 Steps To Create Long Term Confidence

Click Here     Confidence.   We all want to increase confidence. We desire confidence, as the belief is, that if you feel confident you can achieve any aspiration. The confident individual becomes rich, creates success and has the biggest house, the largest salary and the perfect partner.   Confidence is an emotion. As with … Continue reading 3 Steps To Create Long Term Confidence

Sell More When You Sell With Confidence Workshop Manchester

Click Here   Sell More When You Sell With Confidence   Are your fears and anxieties having a negative impact on the success of your business? Do you feel like your competitors can sell better than you? Does a lack of confidence hold you back? The truth is we buy confidence. A confident professional is … Continue reading Sell More When You Sell With Confidence Workshop Manchester

Increase Confidence

Click Here     Confidence. Can you increase confidence? Could you be a the one person in the group, that confident person, other people want to be like?       Increase Confidence      Confidence is a state, an emotional state. You feel different emotional states throughout the day. At one point your happy, … Continue reading Increase Confidence

You’ve Been Cast An Immersive Acting Experience

Click Here       Learning to act, to deliver a powerful performance on stage is a skill that will boost your levels of confidence.   I wanted to share a great opportunity with you, that is happening as a one off session in Manchester,  the cast of Victorian Stage-Play "Beautiful Monster"  to deliver this ONE … Continue reading You’ve Been Cast An Immersive Acting Experience

Project Charisma Workshop Manchester

 FREE 101 Life Coaching Questions Click Here Project Charisma Workshop Manchester   Do you have a fear of public speaking?  Does the thought getting up to speak in front of your colleagues, potential clients, or wedding guests make your stomach churn?  Do you shy away at networking events that could help your career, or do … Continue reading Project Charisma Workshop Manchester