Create Emotional Control

Click Here       Do you feel out of control? Do allow your emotions to control your behavior? Do you want the power back to be in charge of how you feel?   Create clever emotional control and cleverly control your emotions. Imagine being able to wake up on the wrong-side of the bed … Continue reading Create Emotional Control

3 Ways to Tell if Your Friend is Lying

 FREE 101 Life Coaching Questions Click Here 3 Ways to Tell if Your Friend is Lying   How do you know if your friend is being honest and truthful?   We the truth is you can never know is a friend is being deceitful or not! Anyone can tell anything in a sincer way and, … Continue reading 3 Ways to Tell if Your Friend is Lying

Tony Robins and Richard Bandler

 FREE 101 Life Coaching Questions Click Here Tony Robins and Richard Bandler    Im a big fan of both Tony Robins and Richard Bandler. Here are two great videos of these two masters of personal development in action     Book a Video Hypnotherapy or Coaching Session Today. All you need is a webcam e-mail … Continue reading Tony Robins and Richard Bandler

The History of NLP

The History of NLP     The co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler has become an icon in the field of self development with NLP helping become become more confident, increase self esteem and to overcome phobias, anxiety and fears. But few people can say they are at the standards Bandler sets. Richard Bandler tells us … Continue reading The History of NLP

Use NLP to Find the Positive Intent for Poor Behavior

Use NLP to Find the Positive Intent for Poor Behavior   Often when wanting to make a new change in your life, part of you will desire the change while a part of you will want to continue with current behavior.   It is this internal conflict that can cause procrastination or confusion that creates … Continue reading Use NLP to Find the Positive Intent for Poor Behavior

Richard Bandler Session Transcript

Richard Bandler Session Transcript      Richard Bandler several years complete a great series called "Class of a Master." My favorite session from this series is the session  on Rapid Inductions. Below you can read the transcript of the video session, I have also left the timing next to each sentence relevant to the video … Continue reading Richard Bandler Session Transcript

3 NLP Techniques To Practice

3 NLP Techniques To Practice   I meet lots of life coaches who have trained as NLP practitioners.   On the NLP practitioner course, the coach is often impressed by the quickness of results the NLP techniques produce.   An NLP practitioner course is taught by practicing the techniques. Often, post course coaches stop practicing … Continue reading 3 NLP Techniques To Practice

NLP Practice Group Force-field Technique

NLP Practice Group "Force-field" Technique   In Octobers Manchester NLP Practice Group session in association with The Coaching Support Service, we practiced the NLP Force-field technetium (See Below)   Click here to book your place on Novembers NLP practice group session: BOOK NOW      NLP Force-Field Technique   Step 1 - Think about a time/situation when someone … Continue reading NLP Practice Group Force-field Technique

5 Minute Coaching How A Champion Kickboxer Beats Anxiety

5 Minute Coaching How A Champion Kickboxer Beats Anxiety     5 Minute Coaching is a platform for expert coaches and therapist to share their knowledge, techniques and advice to help you to coach yourself   Each 5 minute coaching session is originally streamed live on Google Hangout - more details of future 5 Minute … Continue reading 5 Minute Coaching How A Champion Kickboxer Beats Anxiety