Rhetoric Devices for Speeches

Click Here   We have discussed in previous articles the power of using rhetoric devices in speeches. We see the power of this everyday; in songs, Shakespearean stories and via politicians. Everyone from Caeser to Churchill and even Katy Perry   Here are 5 easy to embed rhetoric devices         Polyponton - … Continue reading Rhetoric Devices for Speeches

Your First Terrifying Speech

Click Here   I wanted to die I wanted to escape I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole   I was stood  stuck on stage in front of 100 people on Christmas eve. For some unknown reason I had been asked to deliver an inspiring speech to the delegation.   I … Continue reading Your First Terrifying Speech

Can Rhetorical Devices Improve a Speech?

Click Here     Some orators, and many famous speeches are purposeful, persuasive and powerful.   Many speech writers ask that famous question, how can I inspire my audience with my words? Shakespeare, Churchill and Martin Luther King, to name a few, had a device that took the ordinary and made it extraordinary.     … Continue reading Can Rhetorical Devices Improve a Speech?

Table Topics

Click Here         Table Topic is Toastmasters version of an improvised speaking training activity, designed to help increase the confidence of members and guest at a Toastmasters meeting.   This long-standing Toastmasters tradition, which has become so famous, that other speaking clubs call their improvised speaking section "table topics" is intended to … Continue reading Table Topics