The Importance of Pain in Therapy

The Importance of Pain in Therapy     Many coaches are taught to encourage their clients to look at the positive in situations or to reframe negative goals into positive ones. And this is a key skill to support your clients to achieve their desired outcomes.   But before setting goals you need to motivate … Continue reading The Importance of Pain in Therapy

Spider Phobias Manchester Hypnotherapy

Spider Phobias Manchester Hypnotherapy   Spider phobias are one of the most common phobias in Manchester. Research into phobias has shown how phobia genes can be passed down through DNA, this unconscious learning makes arachnophobia an easy phobia to inherit.   A Phobia is an associated emotional state attached to a stimulus – in arachnophobia … Continue reading Spider Phobias Manchester Hypnotherapy

What is Your Problem Frame?

What is Your Problem Frame?   Everything we see, hear, smell, taste and feel is taken in by our senses through a particular frame. Your frame, which changes regularly, creates a different perception of the situation.   A client of mine how had a booked a relationship coaching session, was explaining to me how her … Continue reading What is Your Problem Frame?