The Inspriational Tiffany Kay

The Inspirational Tiffany Kay I am really excited to have the opportunity to interview  Tiffany Kay Tiffany is well known in the coaching world, as a highly successful and inspirational coach, presenter and author. . C. Hi Tiffany and thank you for joining me. In coaching circles you are well known and your repetition proceeds … Continue reading The Inspriational Tiffany Kay

The John Donaldson Interview

The John Donaldson Interview This weeks interview is with my friend, mentor  and the founder of Positive Input In 2005 he launched a social enterprise - Positive Input as a life principles and skills learning facility using the power of the web.   C. Hi John it is great to see you again.   For people who don’t … Continue reading The John Donaldson Interview

Peter Freeth an International Coach and Presenter

Peter Freeth an International Coach and Presenter I am joined this week by coach, author and business leader Peter Freeth . Peter has a world wide reputation, presenting at intentional conferences in Ukraine, Poland, Denmark, USA, Canada, South Africa, Ireland and the UK. Peter has taught NLP and coaching all over the world, and has been a “guest … Continue reading Peter Freeth an International Coach and Presenter