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Disturbing Phobia Experiment On Inoccent Child

Disturbing Phobia Experiment On Innocent Child 


In the 1920’s a disturbing experiment on the causes of phobias was conducted on an innocent baby. John Watson and Rosalie Rayner were two researchers at Johns Hopkins University, wanted to find out the cause of phobias, IE are they inbuilt as some psychologist believe or learnt over time?

They hired a baby, about nine months old, and conducted fear experiments. During the experiment the researchers shown the baby a wide range of “things” that people were phobic over including  a rat, a rabbit, different kinds of masks, burning papers, and a monkey.

Even when the rat ran around the baby, the baby seem calm and relaxed, the opposite state of a phobic. Next the experimenters tied a metal bar behind the rat, making it clang loudly. The baby instantly began to cry, every time the rat appeared the baby would cry, showing that phobias are probably learnt. 

This controversial experiment caused outrage because it was unquestionably intended to harm a child, but because the experimenters didn’t  desensitize the baby. Read more about the research and baby here at the source: Disturbing Phobia Experiment. 

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