3 Steps To Create Long Term Confidence

Click Here     Confidence.   We all want to increase confidence. We desire confidence, as the belief is, that if you feel confident you can achieve any aspiration. The confident individual becomes rich, creates success and has the biggest house, the largest salary and the perfect partner.   Confidence is an emotion. As with … Continue reading 3 Steps To Create Long Term Confidence

Sell More When You Sell With Confidence Workshop Manchester

Click Here   Sell More When You Sell With Confidence   Are your fears and anxieties having a negative impact on the success of your business? Do you feel like your competitors can sell better than you? Does a lack of confidence hold you back? The truth is we buy confidence. A confident professional is … Continue reading Sell More When You Sell With Confidence Workshop Manchester

The Meaning of Life

Click Here     Death is coming to us all   An undeniable fact…...you will die.   The question isn't, if you will die, the question is, will you put the living into life? There is nothing to do in the afterlife, so wait, until after this life to do nothing. You are heading to … Continue reading The Meaning of Life

Rhetoric Devices for Speeches

Click Here   We have discussed in previous articles the power of using rhetoric devices in speeches. We see the power of this everyday; in songs, Shakespearean stories and via politicians. Everyone from Caeser to Churchill and even Katy Perry   Here are 5 easy to embed rhetoric devices         Polyponton - … Continue reading Rhetoric Devices for Speeches

Your First Terrifying Speech

Click Here   I wanted to die I wanted to escape I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole   I was stood  stuck on stage in front of 100 people on Christmas eve. For some unknown reason I had been asked to deliver an inspiring speech to the delegation.   I … Continue reading Your First Terrifying Speech

Create Emotional Control

Click Here       Do you feel out of control? Do allow your emotions to control your behavior? Do you want the power back to be in charge of how you feel?   Create clever emotional control and cleverly control your emotions. Imagine being able to wake up on the wrong-side of the bed … Continue reading Create Emotional Control

Why Wait for Weight Loss

Click Here   A new year, a new start?   Why do you wait for a new year to set a new goal? We want the timing to be right for a big change, but a big change doesn't happen because the timing is right.   The new year creates a common set of goals … Continue reading Why Wait for Weight Loss