The Life Coaching Business Secret

The Life Coaching Business Secret The best coaches don’t make the most money The skills required to become a really good coach aren’t the same required to be a successful business owner. Coaches often think about clients before profit, but if your business isn’t profitable you can find yourself in a place where you can’t … Continue reading The Life Coaching Business Secret

Life Coach Boost Website Rating

Life Coach Boost Website Rating   As a coach who supports other coaches to be successful I fully understand the importance of boosting your website ratings. What many new coaches get wrong is the belief that an increase in website hits means and increase in client bookings and sales. This belief is wrong and in … Continue reading Life Coach Boost Website Rating

3 SEO Tricks and Tips for New Life Coaches

3 SEO Tricks and Tips for New Life Coaches   Beating Google is the key to a succesful coaching business. As a new coach you need to understand the golden coaching rule. Rarely does the best coach make money with a coaching business rather the best marketer does. To become a self-employed life coach the savvy coach can use these … Continue reading 3 SEO Tricks and Tips for New Life Coaches

The Coaches Marketing Problem

The Coaches Marketing Problem.   As all coaches are well aware the key to a successful life coaching business is having a successful online marketing campaign that produces referrals and client bookings.   This is where new life coaches can suffer. Often a successful marketing campaign comes with a cost and often the newly set … Continue reading The Coaches Marketing Problem