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Face Book is a Drug

Face Book is a Drug

This week, Brisbane Times discusses how facebook is affecting self esteem in males.

facebook logo

Self Esteem issues resulting from social media pressure is known for its affect on girls. But males are also affected. Matt Hodges calls Facebook a drug. ”It’s so satisfying, it’s something you really want. By the time you realise the damage it’s caused [to your self-esteem] it’s too late,”

Males feel the peer pressure of social media,  as more pictures of “good Looking” males with “ripped bodies” got more likes. Body Image is linked to self esteem in young males. There is just as much pressure as girls to conform to body image ideals propagated by social media.

Is hard not to compare your own body and looks to those of the popular images flying around the social media platforms. Matt goes on to say ”There are all these guys with their shirts off looking 100 per cent toned. It’s so in your face. It’s so dangerous to guys’ self-esteem.”

Many males start to question their looks after posting pictures of themselves that get little results on-line; minimum likes and re-tweets. The real question is does social media platforms affect your self esteem, IE turning a confident person into someone with low self esteem or is social media a tool used as a way in which teens with low self esteem confirm to themselves that they don’t fit in, increasing their limiting beliefs and self esteem issues?

Learn more about how social media affects self esteem in males here: Males Self Esteem Takes a Hit

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Low Self Esteem Stopped a Student From Looking in a Mirror for a Year

Low Self Esteem Stopped a Student From Looking in a Mirror for a Year

On Oddity Central this week, we learn how a female student couldn’t look in a mirror for over 12 months due to her low self esteem.



Its hard to go all day without looking in the mirror, for some its hard not to look in the mirror at least once an hour.  Kjerstin Gruys, a 29-year-old PhD student, went to extremes when it came to boosting her self esteem by not looking in a mirror for over 12 months.

As with many people, her self esteem started when she was a teenager. She suffered from insecurities about her appearance and also suffered from anorexia.  Years later planning her wedding, she became excited at the idea of trying on wedding dresses for the big day. Her insecurities returned when she started to be self critical about the way she looked. As with many brides to be she thought about dieting and others ways to lose weight.

After reading a book called “Birth of Venus” she found a paragraph about nuns in Renaissance Italy and their restrictions against vanity. ”They didn’t have mirrors in their lives” This inspired Kjerstin to take down or cover up all the mirrors in her house. This led to Gruys in the first month of the project to walk out of the house with make up smudge over her face. 

Gruys says the year helped her to pay more attention to how she feels, rather than her looks, saying ”There is nothing wrong with enjoying, um, looking at yourself in the mirror, … but it’s important for every woman, and man, I think, to really think for a few minutes about whether there is a point of diminishing returns,” going on to say “Because we have so much more to offer the world than just our looks.”

For many people with low self esteem, they are more worried about how others perceive them rather then how they look. They will often say statements including “I look at a mess…” but if they were not leaving the house would they be truly bothered? The mirror project worked wonders for Gruys but for many not looking in the mirror will cause increased anxiety. In this situation working on your anxiety using coaching, CBT or hypnotherapy as an example may have a better affect then just covering up your mirrors.

Learn more about Kjerstin amazing year and how she dealt with her self esteem issues here: Women avoids looking in the mirror to boost self esteem. 

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Bad Hair Bad Self Esteem

Bad Hair Bad Self Esteem

This week, Yahoo Lifestyle explains the links between a bad hair day and low self esteem.

 A bad hair day can result in psychological damage that far exceeds the pain of having to suffer a day of messy hair. Recent research shows, how the state of our hair dramatically affects our mood, reducing our self esteem and self worth.

The research discovered some interesting results with eight out of 10 British women believing their supernatural strength lies in their hair. Women feel more sociable acceptable when their proud of their hair style.  Waking up with bad hair can start your day off in negativity, with females spending around four hours and 26 minutes feeling moody and depressed. 

Interestingly, bad hair days not only affects your self esteem but also affects your career with 67 per cent of women failing job interview as a result of a bad hair day.
It becomes extreme when a third of women with bad hair  ring in sick. Feeling good about the way you look will boost your self esteem. And many women rank their hair over clothes, designer labels and handbags when it comes down to what makes them feel most confident in social situations.

The way people perceive the way they look is often different to how others see you. Some women, will perceive that they look a right state, when in reality, from the admires point of view, you are a vision of beauty. In a world where praise doesn’t come easy, some women, who are told they look great today from an admire, will ultimately distort this comment, believing that the guy is taking mic, re-enforcing their limiting belief, increasing their low self esteem. 

Learn more about how bad hair affects your self esteem here: The Real Affects of a bad Hair Day 

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Jennifer Lord Gives You A Life MOT

Jennifer Lord Gives You A Life MOT 

This month I have the great privilege to interview a fantastic and passionate coach – Jennifer Lord

c- Hello Jennifer – Thank you for joining me today. For people who don’t know you, can you tell our readers a little about yourself and how you coach others? 


j- I spent over 30 years in the corporate world always working with people and they fascinate me. I love how our minds all work the same way but we all experience the world differently due to our unique life experiences. I came out of the business world in 2012 and started my own business – – which is an amalgamation of Coaching, Humanistic NLP, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and my own life journey and experiences. I believe that we all have the potential and ability to experience far more than we do and the only thing that holds us back is ourselves (our minds). I love to facilitate change in others, whether that is through any of the skills that I have, and to observe the transformations that take place. I help my clients to get out of their own way and I feel real pleasure when they make huge changes in their lives


jennifer lord

c- You sound very passionate about helping others, what has been your greatest success with a client?


j – All of my clients have transformational shifts in their thinking and they experience a new way of being in this life – less stress, less worry, less anxiety and they feel positive, they feel good about themselves and realise how important it is to put themselves first and to change the way they think. They then move on to take the right action in their lives whether that be in their relationships, their career or just simply in the way they behave. One client described her sessions with me as having a life MOT and that her life is very different now to how it used to be.


c- An MOT is a great metaphor; does she need a regular service? How many sessions do clients particularly attend for?


j- 6 sessions can produce some amazing results if done regularly, either 1 or 2 weeks apart. Some clients have 8 and many have 12.


c- Do you always meet clients in the office or do you ever deliver sessions out in the open?

j- I invite clients to tell me where they would feel most at ease and I do suggest that environment plays a huge part in our thinking and to be outside and in nature can really change our perspective.


c- You mention before that you use a variety of techniques to support your clients, do you use NLP or Hypnotherapy to support your clients?


j- I use a combination of Coaching, Humanistic NLP and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy in my sessions dependant on what I feel is best in the moment.

jennifer lord about-me


c- What do you do to keep up with the latest trends in coaching?


j – I am a member of ANLP International and I am updated monthly on the latest research and thinking in the NLP world. I am also a member of The Association For Coaching and I attend their training days when applicable. I am a member of the Coaching Academy’s online forum as this is where I studied and qualified with Distinction for my Coaching qualifications. I also read and research.


c – It sounds as if you’re really into self development?


j – I also facilitate a monthly Coaching group called The Greater Manchester Coaching Group which I founded in January 2012 and which is a practice group for Coaches and Therapists. Plus I attend a monthly CPD group in Warrington which is also a practice group and I have regular Hypnotherapy practice session with another Coach


c- What would you say as an experienced coach, is the main benefit from a coaching session?


j – The realisation that you have all your own answers and that they needed to be drawn out of you. That you can actually achieve what you had always thought you couldn’t.


c – Do you have a coach yourself? How does your coach help you?


j – Yes I have my own Coach and he has been a hugely beneficial presence, right from the start of setting up my own business through to helping me see things differently and supporting me taking steps that I would never have taken before.


c –  Has having a coach changed your life?


j – Yes most definitely.


c – Most coaches specialise, what area of expertise do you specialise in?


j – I specialise in helping people to feel good about themselves, to let go of negative self-talk, increase self esteem, confidence, nurture themselves in a healthy way – Have a healthy mind and a healthy body.


c- How do your friends react when they find out your a life coach?


j – Some love the work I do and ask lots of questions and others’ don’t really understand what it is I do and therefore shy away from it.


c – Has being a coach benefited you personally?


j – Yes definitely. I learn something about myself from every client that I work with – I believe that life is a mirror and reflects back to us what we need to become conscious of in order to grow.


c- Thank you for joining me today it has been really interesting listening to you, I can tell from the way you express yourself that you are really passionate about what you do. Finally I wanted to ask one last question – What is your life mantra?


j-  Everything happens for a reason and is perfect right now in this moment.


Jennifer’s Bio:

jennifer lord

I was not enjoying who I was becoming at work in the corporate world and I realised how many different masks I was wearing to protect myself – from what? So I decided to leave the corporate world and set up and utilise the experience of my amazing life journey alongside my 33 years experience in the corporate environment including Retail Leadership and HR Business Partnering.
Being a Qualified Practitioner of MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) profiler greatly assisted my role and function in serving my teams and organisation

I am an experienced Professional Coach and Mentor having studied and qualified with Distinction at The Coaching Academy of London.
I am a Certified Hypnotherapist in the art and science of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and I am an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and also qualified in Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Programming, plus NLP For Agile Communication & Creative Problem Solving. What does all that mean? Well in a nutshell, I love to facilitate transformational change conversationally and effortlessly in others.
I have recently qualified in Business and Administration Level 2

I am a graduate of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (Activating Your Super Conscious) Levels 1 and 2 and I am a student of Psychology currently researching how we create our own reality as a result of our thoughts.

I am currently learning to speak Spanish.

Having spent over 30 years on the inside (in the corporate world) I have first hand experience of working in an environment where we often feel we can’t be ourselves, we wear different masks. Using my experience and all my learnings I will help you to get out of your own way to enable you to achieve your full potential and be the very best you can be – authentically.

Websites: and

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Over 530 Phobias Take Your Pick

Over 530 Phobias Take Your Pick

This week MyFoxLa in their recent article explains that over 25% of the USA have a Phobia.

There are over 530 documented phobias…and counting, with females being more affected then males. Some are famous such as arachnophobia the fear of spiders. but MyFoxLa share some unheard of and very strange phobias.

“Opto-phobia” the fear of opening one’s eyes.


“homichilo-phobia”.  the fear of fog


“gerasco-phobia” the fear of growing old. 


“epi-staxio-phobia”  the fear of nose bleeds. 


 “ablutophobia”  the fear of washing or bathing.


Learn more about strange phobias here at: Wild Phobias of the World

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