Is Trypophobia a Real Phobia?

 FREE 101 Life Coaching Questions Click Here Is Trypophobia a Real Phobia?       This week talk about an Unusual Phobia: Researchers Suggest New Reason for Fear of Bubbles   What is Trypophobia? Trypophobia is the fear of a cluster of wholes or bubbles. Tracey Staedter the article author describes the phobic reaction, … Continue reading Is Trypophobia a Real Phobia?

Trypophobia the Rare Fear of Small Holes

Trypophobia the Rare Fear of Small Holes   This week the talk people with a rare phobia of tiny holes. Researchers have found that a small minority of people suffer from trypophobia. Trypophobia is a fear of clusters of tiny holes. This phobia is so rare that it has been hardly studied.  In the first … Continue reading Trypophobia the Rare Fear of Small Holes