Can Rhetorical Devices Improve a Speech?

Click Here     Some orators, and many famous speeches are purposeful, persuasive and powerful.   Many speech writers ask that famous question, how can I inspire my audience with my words? Shakespeare, Churchill and Martin Luther King, to name a few, had a device that took the ordinary and made it extraordinary.     … Continue reading Can Rhetorical Devices Improve a Speech?

You’ve Been Cast An Immersive Acting Experience

Click Here       Learning to act, to deliver a powerful performance on stage is a skill that will boost your levels of confidence.   I wanted to share a great opportunity with you, that is happening as a one off session in Manchester,  the cast of Victorian Stage-Play "Beautiful Monster"  to deliver this ONE … Continue reading You’ve Been Cast An Immersive Acting Experience

3 Simple Sleep Suggestions

Click Here     Do you find it hard to fall asleep at night? Is stress, life or worry keeping you up at night? Do you want to learn the simple tips that you can make to sleep successfully?       3 Simple Sleep Suggestions    Step 1 To Sleep Easy   Don't go to … Continue reading 3 Simple Sleep Suggestions

How to Prevent Passing Your Phobia on to Your Children

Click Here     This week Marianna Manson at ask how we can stop passing on our phobias to our own children?   We have discussed in previous articles how some people can be prepossessed to have the same phobia as their parent. The fear associated to a particular stimulus can be coded in your … Continue reading How to Prevent Passing Your Phobia on to Your Children

Table Topics

Click Here         Table Topic is Toastmasters version of an improvised speaking training activity, designed to help increase the confidence of members and guest at a Toastmasters meeting.   This long-standing Toastmasters tradition, which has become so famous, that other speaking clubs call their improvised speaking section "table topics" is intended to … Continue reading Table Topics

Can Virtual Reality Cure Phobias?

Click Here     This week Rae Johnston from explains how virtual reality maybe the key to curing phobics through a safe version of exposure therapy.   After receiving a government grant, "Totem Labs is a Sydney-based company using Virtual Reality and 360 video to treat phobias with exposure therapy" explains Rae The Sydney Phobia Clinic using … Continue reading Can Virtual Reality Cure Phobias?

3 Steps To Beat Procrastination

Click Here     Procrastination feels like a real barrier.   The procrastination wall in front of your goal feels to big to climb, to wide to walk around and to powerful to knock down.   The thought of the pain associated to the task you are doing feels greater the pleasure of finishing the task. … Continue reading 3 Steps To Beat Procrastination