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Over the past 15 years, Chris has built up a reputation as a highly motivational coach, helping clients to overcome their fears to achieve their goals using neural imprinting techniques


Fast Therapy with Neural Imprinting 

Neural Imprinting, embeds a range of therapy disciplines including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Solution Focus, Positive Psychology and Life Coaching making it relevant to overcoming Phobias, Anxieties and Fears, resulting in an Increase in Confidence

The days of having hundreds of hours of therapy to overcome one issues are gone. Behavioral Neuroscience Studies and advancements in therapy disciplines have empowered Fast Therapy Therapist, to get quick long-lasting results.

Fast Therapy Sessions – 90 Minute Session Was £299.99 Half Price Sale Only £149.99 This Month 

  • Beat Fears
  • Boost Confidence
  • Become Phobic Free 

Customer Testimonials

“Chris was very professional and offered amazing support. The sessions have been highly valuable and helped me work through a few challenges I was facing, gain more confidence and provided great interview advice which helped me get the job I wanted. I would highly recommend Chris and his services to others.” – Anxiety Joanna Holt Cured in 3 Sessions

“Thank you so much for the session it was dead good i cant believe i actually LIKE cleaning now! life saver!” – Oonagh Farrell Manchester – Cleaning Phobia Cured in One Session 

“I first had a coaching session with Chris in Manchester a few months ago. The hour was extremely worthwhile as his advice was excellent. Chris really helped improve my confidence and realise my own ambitions. After the session, I felt great then later asked him to re write my cv, which now looks amazing. I also then asked him to do me some cover letters for jobs I have very recently applied for. What I liked was that Chris was keen to give me feedback on my own work free of charge- and I doubt you’d get that else where. I have recommended him to two of my friend who are keen to plan a coaching session. 5 star service, thank you.” – Emily Brown Cured in Two Sessions 

I had a really positive experience with Chris, despite my nerves he really put me at ease. I was particularly reluctant as I had paid over the odds at a therapist previously and had seen NO value for my money. Chris put me ease which I think was half the battle! I have not had to return for another session and my years of anxieties and phobias have literally disappeared over the course of a day. Thank you for the book also, it was great to have something extra to take away and digest!! Sally Manchester Cured in One Session 

I would just like to say a huge thanks Chris for helping me overcome my fear of Kayaking, or rather drowning. Then the real shock came last week, myself and a couple of friends planned a river trip. It hadn’t dawned on me what I had done until they pointed it out, now I am back partaking in a sport I love. How can I ever thank you? – David Brook, Manchester Cured In One Session

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