Confidence and Self Esteem

John was a successful businessman, who from the outside had everything going for him; a successful business, expensive house, fast car and a positive future ahead of him. Everyone who met John said he was a confident and self-assured young man, and in most areas of his life they would have been right. One area that John was not confident in, was meeting and asking out potential partners, even the thought of approaching an attractive stranger would send shivers down his spine, even though John was comfortable delivering presentations to hundreds of professionals.

Like John, you can be confident in one area of your life and a nervous wreck in another. This is because we associate different emotions to different situations, for some people their low self-esteem and lack of confidence has already spread through all areas of their lives, destroying their happiness and becoming an emotional barrier to their future success.

Fast Therapy

Fast Therapy. We have took the best from a range of therapy disciplines including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Solution Focus, Positive Psychology and Life Coaching and made it relevant  to overcoming Phobias and Fears, Increasing Confidence and Reducing Anxiety.

The days of having hundreds of hours of therapy to overcome one issue is gone. Behavioral Neuroscience Studies and advancements in therapy disciplines have empowered Fast Therapy Therapist, to get quick long-lasting results.

online coaching

Quick Confidence Booster

The quick confidence booster has been designed to boost your confidence, improving your low self-esteem and anxiety from the first session to the last, helping that confident you, hidden inside break out.

3 sessions – guaranteed boost in your confidence or your money back.

Cost £369.99 Buy Now and Save £120. This Month Only, Buy The Quick Confidence Booster Session Pack for Only £249.99

  • Session One – 90 minute session; Initial Consultation, Motivation for Change Session and The Confidence Boost Technique
  • Session Two – 60 minute session; Release the Stress, Become Your Best
  • Session Three – 60 minute session; Future Confidence for Life Fulfillment

* The sessions outline above is an example set of sessions best suited to reducing low self-esteem and increasing your confidence, each session will be tailored to the needs of you.

Individual Sessions

If you only require a small boost in your confidence, to help you release the nerves before a best man’s speech, a presentation or to increase your confidence before your next date, or you want to book additional sessions, you can book individual coaching sessions.

  • Individual Sessions Was £299.99 Half Price Sale, Only £149.99 Per Session. This Month Only 

Customer Testimonials 

“Chris is an AMAZING coach, he helps you to smash thorough your limiting beliefs about yourself and create a strategy and action plan to create the life you deserve” – Mohammed Hafiz High School Teacher Cured In One Session

‘’In recent years I have had the great pleasure of working closely with Chris on a number of projects. During that time I have continued to be inspired and impressed with Chris’s work as an NLP coach and his natural skill and ability to bring out the very best in me, himself and his fortunate clients. On the occasions when my confidence has dipped or deserted me I have turned to Chris who has never failed to boost it back up to where it belongs. Chris is a fantastic NLP practitioner and coach and I highly recommend him – take any opportunity you get to spend time with him.’’ – Sandie Shaw, High Peak Life Coach Cured in Two Sessions 

Thanks Chris for all your help I never would’ve believed how much my life has changed. You have made a big difference and I would’ve never have made these changes without you – Sam, Stockport Cured In One Session

I had a really positive experience with Chris, despite my nerves he really put me at ease. I was particularly reluctant as I had paid over the odds at a therapist previously and had seen NO value for my money. Chris put me ease which I think was half the battle! I have not had to return for another session and my years of anxieties and phobias have literally disappeared over the course of a day. Thank you for the book also, it was great to have something extra to take away and digest!! Sally Manchester Cured in One Session 

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2 thoughts on “Confidence and Self Esteem

  1. Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of knowing Chris through his work as a career advisor. His knowledge and professionalism stands him out against the career coaches, teachers and recruitment agencies. His inspirational leadership has help me structure my goals and see results within my career path. Which I had not achieved from anyone else no matter how much I paid. When I had recommended Chris to my friends they were in awe at the results they achieved and I have no doubt that whatever your goal is in life Chris will be the best person to help get you there.

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