Boutique Fights Bullying

Boutique Fights Bullying

A recent post at OnlineAthens explains how a local Boutique owner fights bullying for girls with low confidence by organizing camps that fosters self-esteem.

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Frances Gibson the owner of Dover Grace Alternative Boutique in Watkinsville has created a summer camp to boost local girls self esteem. Francis says “I created the camp because there is a need for camps that foster self-esteem” “… It is a great mix of fashion, body image, and it helps girls know they are not alone, that they can lean on each other.”

Gibson is passionate about bullying and personal confidence and encourages women of all ages to think positively about themselves. Frances promotes self confidence in females not only on her summer camps but also at work. She owns a Boutqiue store where she in-courages self esteem with all her customers. The store’s motto is, “The place where a girl can be a girl”

Negativity is not even allowed in her store. If Gibson hears any self put-downs from her customers, she gives them three warnings. Once a customer has used up there three strikes, Frances makes them sit on a couch until they state a nicety about themselves.

Learn more about Frances Gibsons Boutique shop and the self esteem summer camp for girls on the full article here: Self Esteem Camp for Girls 

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