NLP Timeline Techniques

NLP Timeline Techniques – videos and text

Where is your time line?

Think about something you did yesterday. Where did the picture of this event come from in your mind? Now think about an activity you started 2 days ago, where does this image start from? For most it will start in a different place. Do this for an event from 3 days ago, a week ago and even a month ago.

Do all your images and pictures originate from a different starting point? If you think of them all at the same time, do they form a line in relation to each other?

Now ask the same question for future events, do your future event images start from different points in your mind’s eye?

In most cases, if you align all your images from both the past and the future you will either have a selection of images creating a V shape or a straight line with past images coming from behind you and future events being in front of you?

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Looking into your future

    1. Imagine you can see your future in front of you, a future where you are at your best and at your peak performance. A future where everything has gone well for you and the future has happened as you wish it would, with you achieving all your goals.
    2. Ask, what is the first image you can see in your future? Point to where this image originates from (ask them to point)
    3. Do this for several important future events, each one going future into the future, until you can see yourself in the future full of knowledge and life experiences.
    4. Holding on to the anchor-cord, walk down your time line at each future image; describe the event using VAK to help you become associated with the image.
    5. Frame each future event and leave a symbol on the timeline to represent each future vision.
    6. As you get to the end of your timeline, experiencing all the future positive events, taking on all the knowledge, feelings, images and sounds that ensures the future you is the best future you, you could be.
    7. Imagine you are the positive future you who has achieved all your goals, look back down your timeline to the present you. If you were the future you and you could meet the present you, what advice would you give yourself.
    8. Go back down your timeline, every time you pass a symbol representing your image, take the symbol with both hands and bring it to your chest, as you do this, gain all the knowledge and wisdom from this event.
    9. As you return to the present you, take a deep breath and breathe in all the goodness and experiences you have gained by going into your future. How has this experience changed your outlook on the future?

Second Timeline Video 


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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions  and Public Speaking Events

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