Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Manchester

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Manchester

Michelle had put on extra pounds since the stress levels in her job had risen. She hadn’t noticed a first, rather then cooking healthy meals as she use to, she fell into bad habits; eating takeaways, drinking excessively and snacking between meals. Her lifestyle had changed to, she no longer exercised, instead the stress in her life made her too tired to exercise, instead she would watch TV, eat junk food and go to bed early, only to find that she couldn’t sleep. For Michelle, her wake up moment was when she tried to fit into a dress that she had only wore several months ago, only to find that the zip would only go half way up.

People gain weight for a number of reasons.  For many, external factors such as stress, confidence and worry influence your lifestyle and your weight gain. The real question is, how is your weight gain effecting your life? How much time does your worrying about your health take up? Is your weight affecting your relationships? Your life?

Fast Therapy

Fast Therapy. We have took the best from a range of therapy disciplines including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Solution Focus, Positive Psychology and Life Coaching and made it relevant  to overcoming Stress (often a key factor in weight gain), Increasing Confidence and To Lose Weight.

The days of having hundreds of hours of therapy to overcome one issues are gone. Behavioral Neuroscience Studies and advancements in therapy disciplines have empowered Fast Therapy Therapist, to get quick long-lasting results.

Weight Loss Reduction Life Style Boost

For the Weight Loss Reduction Life Style Boost sessions you need to be committed to change, once accepted you will attend up to 3 sessions with a guaranteed reduction in your fear or phobic response or your money back.

Cost £300 Buy Now and Save £120 This Month Only Buy The Phobia and Fear Destroyer Sessions for Only £180

    • Session One – 90 minute session; Initial consultation, Motivation for Change Session and Hating Fatty Foods
    • Session Two – 60 minute session; Weight Loss Reduction, Making Lifestyle Choices and Stress Release
    • Session Three – 60 minute session; Boosting Self Esteem, Confidence and Meeting The New You
PLUS a FREE Copy of THE ONLINE COACHING COURSE Worth £59.99 – 12 week e-coaching course with over 36 sessions 

* The sessions outline above is an example of the sessions best suited to reducing weight, each session will be tailored to the needs of you and you fear and phobia.

Individual Sessions

Not everyone will require the Weight Loss Reduction Life Style Boost package, you can also book individual sessions to reduce stress (a big cause of weight gain) to reduce weight and to change your lifestyle.

  • Individual Sessions Was £180 Half Price Sale, Only £80 Per Session. This Month Only 

Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you for all your support through my past problems. i feel and look great. Thank you once again. Sharon, Manchester 


DIDSBURY: 4 Birley Park, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2TL

MANCHESTER: The Triangle, 37 Exchange Square, Manchester M4 3TR

E-MAIL: chrisdelaney7@gmail.com for more information

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