Manchester Phobias Understanding the Fear

Manchester Phobias Understanding the Fear



Do you have a fear or phobia that is limiting your life? Is your phobia affecting your career, social life and limiting what you can do?


What is a phobia and how common are they? It is easy to feel alone when your friends and family laugh at your fear. But for the Manchester phobic your FEAR is real and limiting.


You are not alone, as thousands of others also have the same phobia as you! 19.2 million Americans alone have phobias just like you, with many phobics becoming phobic through observational leaning – seeing your parent act irrational towards the stimulus.



Phobias Can Be Overcome 


Many phobics believe that their phobia is here to stay, that they will have to put up with their phobia for the rest of their lives and that their phobia will be past down to their kids and that there is nothing they can do about it.


In truth a phobia is a learnt process that can be unlearned. There are many techniques and therapist that you can choose to use to become phobic free.



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Phobic Memories


We remember the details of an event or memory as well as the emotional response, and these two factors; details and emotions are stored in different parts of our brain and contribute to irrational phobias.

When you become fearful of your stimulus, this emotional memory is stored and re-played when you sleep and next time you see the stimulus.


Because you know how to feel, your brain see’s the stimulus remembers that you felt scared last time and uses this memory to teach you how to act now – scared! This memory due to repetition becomes stronger and stronger until even the thought of the stimulus makes you terrified.

This fear can be passed onto other stimulus’s. As an example the arachnophobic see’s the spider in a supermarket, becomes really scared and runs away.   Next time they visit the supermarket the brain remembers “supermarket – fear” and replays this emotional memory, until you become phobic of the supermarket.



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Manchester Hypnotherapy


The phobic cycle can easily be broken and hypnotherapy can support you with this. The mind creates stronger memories when it is relaxed and not focusing on contradictions in patterns, hypnosis can create this state which allows the hypnotherapist to change your emotional response  to the stimulus.


For many phobics overcoming a life long fear can take less then 90 minutes. You can also teach yourself to overcome fears by looking at the stimulus and taking deep breaths to help you relax. You can then imagine floating out of your body and watching yourself from a detached viewpoint. You can then imagine yourself in the future feeling calm and confident when you are with the stimulus, seeing this from the point of view as the future you.

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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events

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