Can Paul Ramsay Hypnotise You?

Can Paul Ramsay Hypnotise You?

Paul Ramsay and Mani Scienide on a recent video explain who can be hypnotised. “People are fascinated with hypnosis, and one of the most popular questions is, “Who can be hypnotized?”  There’s a common misperception that only a select few people make good hypnotic subjects.  In this video we’ll explain the factors that affect hypnotizability, and give you some advice on how you can make yourself a better hypnotic subject.”



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Paul explains that hypnotisability is a form of suggestibility (primary suggestibility) to take in you in to a trance state. We are all suggestible; in day to day situations people unconsciously use body language, tone and gestures to make suggestions.


In marketing leading brands use suggestions to get you to buy their product, an example of this is Nike “Just Do It.” Suggestibility is about taking instructions without questioning them “can you pass me the salt?” This is a question, but embedded in this is the command “pass me the salt.”  Rarely to people answer the question, instead they automatically pass the salt without thinking.


In a therapeutic setting, the hypnotist will use light exercises to assess how well the client responds to suggestions. An example is to make a “Charles angle gun” with your hands; fingers interlocked together with two fingers pointing up. Stare between the two fingers and imagine magnets on the tips of your finger, and imagine that feeling of the magnets pulling towards each other” Most people find that their fingers grow closer together until they touch.


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Paul goes on to explain that Hydro hypnosis is a client and hypnotist working together to go into trance. Auto hypnosis is self hypnosis, where the client puts themselves into a trance. Auto hypnosis happens in our daily lives with many of us unaware how often we follow suggestions or fall into a light trance.


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This video is video 2 of a 15 part series that is being published live over the next few weeks on Google Hangouts. Paul and Mani have broken down hypnosis in to small sections so the listener can get a real insight into hypnotherapy. If you tune in to watch the videos live, Paul and Mani will also answer any viewers question live on air.


Well worth checking out. Video 3 is “The hypnotic experience” where Paul will explain what it is like to be hypnotised.

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Chris Delaney NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Career Advisor is available for booking for One to One Private Sessions, Group Training Sessions and Public Speaking Events


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