Manchester Hypnosis Aviophobia The Fear of Flying

Manchester Hypnosis Aviophobia The Fear of Flying in a recent article explains the increase of aviophobia


Aviophobia (the fear of flying) is getting a lot of discussion recently due to some recent aeroplane incidents. Aviophobia is common across the globe, for some people “flying is something routine, it’s simply another mode of transport to get you from one destination to another”


The Aviophobic see’s flying from a different perspective. “I just keep thinking the plane will break down, I always look at the wings of the plane and think they’re going to break off when turbulence hits.”


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There is a difference between anxiety and being phobic. Aviophobic wouldn’t even get on a plane as their phobic response will be to0 strong, to compelling. The anxious flyer will get on the plane and show all signs of anxiety from sweaty palms to negative thoughts “I just feel the plane is going to fall and we are all going to die, I don’t know why, but I just feel that way, I get very scared when we are in the air just expecting something bad to happen.”


Phobic’s will often visualise the phobic situation as if they are there, they don’t see themselves on a plan that is having trouble, they take the perspective of being on the plane itself. This increase the association between the plane and the anxiety and fear.


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“Even though flying is the safest mode of transport, and with people having a far higher chance of getting killed in car accidents and other forms of transport, this still doesn’t stop people being afraid.” It’s same logic as some telling an acrophobic that spiders won’t harm them, in their mind the logic doesn’t fit their map.


A technique to help the Aviophobia is to disassociate yourself from the visualisation. First a hypnotherapist would help you build up a strong relaxation anchor, by getting you to remember a time you felt really confident and calm. Then you can take this feeling of relaxation and Imagine being in the airport, and imagine that you can step out of your body so you can see yourself cueing up, from this perspective you will notice how different you feel – often much more relaxed.


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Watch yourself while feeling calm and confident walking up the ladder and watch the plane set off, while feeling relax and in control. You can even float next to the plane and see yourself through the windows of the plane. You can notice the smile on your face as you float next to the plane watching yourself, you can imagine the planning landing safely and see yourself stepping of the plane after enjoying the ride, looking forward to your new destination. And whenever you are ready you take these feelings of relaxation and step back into your body and imagine how good in feels to feel relaxed and calm and ready to enjoy this destination.




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