3 Simple Techniques to Save Time

3 Simple Techniques to Save Time

Pro-active people like to get things done, lots of things!


As time is  limited, we all only have 24 hrs in a day, the hard workers of this world need to use time saving devices. It is easy to say “I could get up earlier or go to bed later” but the problem with working extra hours, is that you become exhausted.


Once tiered, your generally work slower, becomes stressed quicker (creating procrastination) and lack perfection. The best way to make most of your time, producing high standards of work is to follow these 3 time keeping techniques.



Time Saving Technique 1



Collate Tasks – This is one of the most easiest and highly productive time saving task you can implement, which will give you positive results today.


The reason time runs away from us when we are doing a big task is because we don’t actually spend all our time on the task in hand.


Imagine you are writing a book and you have put 8 hrs aside for this important task. As you open your laptop at 9:00 – the starting time put aside for the book, you first check your new emails. A couple you can dismiss, but there are one or two that you should reply to.

You start the book, then “beep” a text from your partner. Later another email pops up about another project. You spend a few minutes thinking about this project and jot down some ideas. Another text, email, Facebook request, twitter comment and phone call.


This is true for all task. We are constantly interrupted which creates a start and stop process.  To save time collate task; Between 9-11 you will write your book. At 11:00 you make a cup of tea and check your text messages. 11:15-12:30 Continue with the book. 12:30 Check and reply to emails. 1:00 – 4:00 finish book task. 4 – 4:30 Final email check


By collating task you save time as you aren’t interrupted. Staring new task on a regular basis, rather then setting time aside for a task, uses up more of your valuable time




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Time Saving Technique 2


Use one task multiple times 


Starting a  new task, generating ideas  and completing a single task takes a large amount of time. Rather then using the process for everything you do, you can simple use one completed task multiple times.


If we continue with the author example. The author once his book is complete may be using a blog to promote his work. Each blog post needs to go through the ideas process. Instead he could use chapters out of his book as the blog objective, saving time.


Each blog post could be turned into a speech for forthcoming keynote speaking events and several keynote speeches can be used as the basis of a training course, relating to the book.


This process is already used by many without you knowing it. When you learn to cook you learn the basics of cooking several dishes. As you become more confident and creative you learn new dishes, new styles. Because you already know the basics the more specific recipes are easy for you to master


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Time Saving Technique 3


Request, Ask and Outsource


You don’t have to do everything yourself.  You can ask your social group, delegate work task to colleagues and outsource work to agencies.


People shy away from this for 2 reasons. First they think people will turn down their request for help, where in reality most people are happy to offer their services and expertise. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.


Secondly, relating particularly to outsourcing, people don’t want to spend money. But you first need to think about your own value per hour. If yourself employed this is easy to workout. Now times this task against the required hours the task would take.


Final compare this to the cost of outsourcing. And remember you can outsource globally.  Many small business owners will also swap task; you do something for them and they do something for you


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